T-Games Legacy
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Zolton's Moon
Zolton's Moon Icon!
The current Zolton's Moon icon as it appears in LittleBigPlanet 2.
Founded July 21, 2015
Founder ZoltonAuburn1956
Industry Video Games
Type Developer Studio
Status Active T-Games Zolton's Moon Accesory/Game Givaway! (LBP2)
Zolton's Moon Console Hub!
Zolton's Moon is a third-party developer of T-Games Legacy consoles based in LittleBigPlanet 2 and LittleBigPlanet 3 that develops content for GameExpo III, NeXT, Fun Machine and soon the Super Player, and is a first-party developer for their own console, the Sunbeem. They are also developing a sequel to the Sunbeem, with info being released in the future.

Moon Mixes

Moon Mixes is a music service provided by Zolton's Moon to remix other songs made within LittleBigPlanet. The predecessor, Moon Tunes, was a service for creating Playlists for music devices such as the NeXT and JukeBox XI, however music was of considerably poor quality according to Zolton and the brand never caught on. After Moon Tunes succumbed to such, Zolton launched Moon Mixes. Moon Mixes was in development under the name 'Z-Music' to reflect T-Games' late music service U-Music, however it was then changed to avoid scrutiny by the team. Other names that were considered were Z-Jams and Moon Jams.


Mini-Moons are a grouping system founded in late February 2016. Anyone can found their own moons, or join others, as long as they meet the requirement(s).

Mini-Moons (4)
Name Members Focus Status
Lunar Journeys ZoltonAuburn1956 (Owner),
All-Rounded Active
The North Wing Jay_The_Lure (Owner) Logic Inactive
Moon Mixes ZoltonAuburn1956 (Owner),
Music Remixes Semi-Active
The Caverns angrybirdone (Owner) All-Rounded Active
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