"Velociporters Are Ace"
Single by Prism
from the album Glitter Clouds
B-Side "Don't Have Children"
Released 19 February 2015
Recorded 17 February - 18 February 2015
Genre Electronic
Length 04:33
Label U-Music
U-Music Bandcamp Link:

Velociporters Are Ace is the lead Single from Prism's forthcoming début album, Glitter Clouds.

The single was the first release on the U-Music Platform in 2015, and was also the first track from LittleBigPlanet on the platform to be recorded using an all-new method in order to maintain quality, unlike all previously uploaded LittleBigPlanet Content.

Track ListingEdit

Track Title Artist Length Note
Velociporters Are Ace Prism 3:00
Don't Have Children Prism 1:33 Single Exclusive