Hello, Wiki peoplez.

Before I begin, I must announce that I've contacted Wikia to change my username. As you can only do this once, I have decided that TheDarkness909 will be my new account name. You will no longer have to call me by Dmports, of which that username was conceived in 2008.

I know this is an advertisement, but my new album is out, which contains some of my older stuff, so I think you should check that out here.

You may notice once again, the wordmark has changed. This is part of a redesign Bill and I have been doing. We now have a digital recreation of the T-Games logo (thanks to me, recreated in PowerPoint 2013), which helped us a LOT when it came to the image quality. The only real thing that changed, though, was the "-Games", which was made to look better with the wiki AND the official website, which now has the same wordmark.

We will also eventually roll out a better design for the T-Games Wiki's main page. Stay tuned for that. =3

Thanks. -DD