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New Flash and Mobile development!

T-Games recently announced via Twitter that it has recently acquired the development tools to create original Flash and Mobile games, as well as other content.[1]

At this point it's not clear as to whether this will be an effort from T-Games itself or via a new studio that will be forming.

Creating mobile and Flash games has been on T-Games' agenda for several years, so now that we know some kind of development is taking place, it's very exciting!

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1 Year Anniversary <3
The 7th of February 2015 marked the 1-Year Anniversary of the T-Games/Trixel Partnership - can you believe it has been that long?

We have worked together to support and provide resources for many projects, with many more projects to come!

T-Games &amp; Trixel 1 Year 1 Month 1 Day


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'The Darkness' Announced!

An exciting teaser trailer for a project currently titled 'The Darkness' was recently uploaded to the T-Games YouTube account. It is extremely unrevealing, and leaves a lot to the imagination![2]

It seems to be very sinister and dark (no pun intended) in style, something to contrast the new Evergreen Park level series that will be making its way to LittleBigPlanet around the same time!

The Darkness - Cinematic Teaser Trailer (2015)

The Darkness - Cinematic Teaser Trailer (2015)

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LittleBigPlanet Flash invites sent!
T-Games recently sent out all of the invites for the LittleBigPlanet Flash game being developed by our partners Trixel Creative to all of the T-Games Network members that signed up before the 1st of February 2015.[3]
LittleBigPlanet Flash4B


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Evergreen Park: Remastered Teaser Picture
Chunky104 recently teased more Evergreen Park: Remastered goodness via his Twitter[4] account.

The teaser picture further shows that the new remastered level series will be adding support for all 4 of the characters within LittleBigPlanet 3 (SackThing, Oddsock, Toggle, Swoop).

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U-Music developments

U-Music recently released the first single of this year, Velociporters Are Ace, featuring the new-to-U-Music Musicians Fluffy Cushions.

The début single features 'Velociporters Are Ace' and its B-Side 'Don't Have Children'. This single is also the first of LittleBigPlanet content on the U-Music Bandcamp site to be recorded using new methods that mean quality is preserved and there is no interference included in the recording.

The U-Music Bandcamp site also went over a re-design, and the U-Music website officially announced that it will soon be shutting down.


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LGBT Campaign
Recently, T-Games, Trixel Creative and Moons in Motion recently decided to band together and show our support for equality and LGBT within our community and outside. To start the campaign, we have decided to change our avatars and logos on Twitter (and on the T-Games Wiki home page).



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