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    January 20, 2017 by TheDarkness909!vdFiBZjZ!RCdAAbOrb_nQ8QAC3Gf5Qr2ZsLpV0KoVQH2KC8sq04g

    I don't think I told you guys that I made .4, but I did. It was 2014, and I was just about ready to show you guys, but then I got carried away with everything else in my life.

    Pretty much everyone has a 0.0.3 copy at this point, but unique to this one is a git repository and a new, updated splash featuring a brand new logo that's simpler in my opinion. It also features the new T-Games logo. Yay for updated, modern stuff.

    The git repository should be useful for development. If you don't know how to use git, that's fine; when you extract the code, just don't take out .gitignore nor the .git folder or else you'll have useless storage space taken up. The repository contains thr…

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    Special pages

    November 8, 2016 by TheDarkness909

    Through the years, I've gotten more experienced with MediaWiki, and one thing I don't think is known all too well are the Special pages.

    Special pages give useful information about what's needed, what isn't updated, what's linked to the most, what's linked to the least, what has or needs no information, what has the most information, what nobody cares about, what everyone cares about, what used to be, what forces you to click the home button, what hurts the servers, what has Valve Anti-Cheat, what gets organized the most, and what files people like to look at/use.

    Special pages can especially help for figuring out what needs work, etc. and you can also get some interesting data to draw conclusions from.

    I thought this would be usefuuuul.

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    Quite the platform

    October 28, 2016 by TheDarkness909

    You guys may or may not be happy about what I found, but I found it regardless and I don't know how I feel about it.

    Now it's a very minor thing; it's not controversial, but it does raise some questions about how email services should be run.

    Yeah, emphasis on email. Let me explain.

    Recently I went into my current email account to do some cleaning (because, you know, inboxes will fill up after years of neglect), and I saw two test emails sent by

    June 27, 2014 6:32:36 AM

    Don't you know? I put my full trust in 'TGamesofficial' to give me confidential details about my registration!

    Hello Jaren,

    This is the correct response.

    This is an email notification to inform you that your T-Games Network Account has been set-up!

    ...I couldn't tell from the text in …

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    Finale (2016 Select Remasters)
    # Title Length Changes
    The bass and kick are melded together to produce a punchier sound and the impulse is roomier. The highs are extensively softened but not to the point that it ruins the energy. This one has the most drastic changes.
    This one was actually tough because the original version wasn't too bad of a master in the first place. Nevertheless, greater emphasis is put on the low-end, the highs are selectively ramped, and the sound has a new feel to it thanks to the impulses.
    This one has quite the contrast. The original sounds like a demo I'd send off to the label, but the remaster sounds like the final result. Or it could be used as a test case with something like "Soundgoodizer" with before and after e…

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    T-Games and Trixel hosted the first ever Tri-Expo this week, and unfortunately for their timing, I was too busy watching Justin Trudeau win a landslide majority victory in the election. The gist of it is, apparently Stephen Harper's campaign organizer was a racist (any expletive here), and that he bailed on the Conservatives once the Liberals started gaining in the polls (we'll legalize marijuana). Sad too because the NDP was almost squashed that night. A lot of talk on social media has it that the Liberals will be held to their word on electoral reform so that strategic voting can become a thing of the past.

    But enough of that, I also missed quite a bit of stuff at Tri-Expo, so I'll comment here and now.

    The new MusicPlayer

    That slogan alone …

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