Hey-O, Newsletter here :o)

Not too late this time! It's been a slow month.

NeXT Basic 'Root Beer Tapper Remastered' Released

On May 10th or so, GemWay released Root Beer Tapper Remastered.

The game was a recreation of an earlier game, Root Beer Tapper, created in the earliest days of NeXT. The game replaced the original game in the Games Hub.

Chunky104 Announces T-Games' Expansion Into Mario Kart 7/8

Late in the month, member Chunky104 announced he was working on a T-Games community for the Nintendo games Mario Kart 7 and 8.

The exact details are currently being decided. More details here.

GemWay Work Hiatus Announced

S.P. Sour stated that due to hardware problems, his Playstation 3 was no longer usable for GemWay work.

This means that work on the Fun Machine, Scarily Sentient, games, and other will be put on hold until the problem is resolved.

T-Games Network Console Integration Announced

Around May 8th, Billy Anderson stated that all T-Games consoles would be receiving an update to add T-Games Network support.

These comments were made on "The next NeXT update is scheduled for mid-late July. It will include support for the T-Games Network (which will become a global feature for all major T-Games consoles in time - including the GameExpo and Fun Machine) as well as other things which are not yet to be released."

"For GameExpo's 3rd birthday the GameExpo III will be getting an update :)"

Game Graduate Introductory Cutscene Published

May 3rd, a cutscene level in LittleBigPlanet 2 was published on S. P. Sour's earth for the new service Game Graduate.

It's important to note that, while technically provided by GemWay, the service is classified as a regular T-Games service. The level can be found here.

That's all we've got down for May.

June should be more productive, we hope :)