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Fun Machine v2.4 Released

GemWay released Fun Machine v2.4 on April 19.

The update included a lock feature, a first for a T-Games console, along with some other minor adds.

With it came Misc. Programs Collection, an app cartridge including, among other things, a complete port of Music Maker v6.

CEO Announces Personal Break

April 3rd, CEO Billy Anderson announced that he would be temporarily quitting involvement in T-Games to focus on personal matters.

See this blog post for more information.

New Caption Pictures

Two new macros were released, one for the Fun Machine and one for Evergreen Park.

The Fun Machine's was released to celebrate 4/13, and EP's was made as a pilot to a series. More info here.

T-Games Announces New T-Games Network Console Integration

On LittleBigPlanet 2, Billy Anderson stated that T-Games Network support would be added to all T-Games consoles in future updates.

The GameExpo III would receive the update first on the GameExpo's anniversary, and later the NeXT and Fun Machine would receive it simultaneously in mid-July.

New GemWay Contest Announced

GemWay announced that a new contest relating to Scarily Sentient was being held.

The contest is being held to determine whose costume will be used to portray NASA Guy, the player character from Tremors, in Scarily Sentient. Full information given in this cutscene.

New T-Games Service Announced

A new service called Game Graduate was recently announced by means of cutscene.

Game Graduate, which will be provided by GemWay, is currently in planning and testing stages. It will be a service for teaching users in LittleBigPlanet 2 how to create games for T-Games consoles. See more info here.

T-Games Publishes New Level Explaining Studios

On April 25th, 'T-Games Studios - What Are They?' was published on TGamesOfficial's earth.

The level explains the purpose behind T-Games' studios and lists all of them and their members. It can be found here.

Caption Image Gallery Released

On April 15th, ':] < My Macro Gallery' was published on GemWayFunMachine's earth.

GemWayFunMachine, a Fun Machine Playstation Network account, previously had no published levels. The gallery contains every Fun Machine caption image released to date. It can be found here.

T-Games Member List In LittleBigPlanet 2 Updated

April 25th, the T-Games Member List level on TGamesOfficial's earth was updated for the first time in a long time, brought out of hiatus.

The level had been hidden from the public before because it was very outdated. The update implemented modern DLC and the current T-Games Team.

GameWay Announces New Remastered Game[1]

On 4/20 on this very wiki, it was announced that Root Beer Tapper, an old GemWay game for the NeXT, would be remade.

teaser picture was uploaded to It is confirmed that the game will contain no DLC and be for the NeXT Basic.

Evergreen Park Minisode Released

A small extra Evergreen Park cutscene, called 'Go For Green,' was published on Chunk104's earth to celebrate T-Games' 3rd birthday.

The short level was created by Billy Anderson and Chunky104. It can be found here.

NeXT/FM 'Racetrack Training' Released

In mid-to-late April, GemWay released Racetrack Training for the NeXT Basic and Fun Machine.

The game was created with the intent of using a new track-rendering technology, but became a full enjoyable, working game. Racetrack Training is the first game to be released for the NeXT Basic. More info here.

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  1. The game was released during May, thus outdating the section. It is included for completeness.