The T-Games Archives regret to inform that T-Games has recently suffered from a major data loss due to a malfunctioning database.

The case is currently being investigated by the T-Games Archives, who are assessing the information and attempting to recover as much information as possible.

The amount of data lost is currently unknown, however it is thought to be substantial and mainly affecting the GameEx studio.

T-Games Archives Statement #1

The T-Games Archives released this statement:

The latest data loss suffered by T-Games is currently being assessed by the T-Games Archives. Although the amount of data lost is thought to be considerable, it is possible that back-ups have been prepared in the case of this happening. The investigation may take several weeks or even months before being fully resolved. We thank you for your patience.

T-Games Archives Statement #2

The T-Games Archives have recovered a profile back-up, however the date of the back-up is February 15th 2012. Investigations are still ongoing.