This is talking about easter eggs, so if you want to find them yourself, don't read this. There's a new easter egg in Skywheel, and it took me forever to get it. (I saw where it was because I helped to work on it a tiny bit, but after I left, T had the nerve to move it. I spent a good 10 minutes waiting in one spot wondering what the heck was wrong until I asked a trusty Crusher1007 where it was and it turned out to be in a completely different place.) The instructions are simple: Stand to the left of the orange entrance pipe for 5 seconds. A wormhole will appear and going through it will take you to a section of the first level of Evergreen Park. (It was originally going to be an exclusive bonus section, but it was decided that ripping stuff straight from the levels would be easier.) 2 other EEs are in the same level: if you look between Larry and the cake, you'll see a small frightened robo-slave waring the traditional tinfoil cone. Also, when the wheel starts, you'll see the face of a Media Molecule employee. That's it for Skywheel. In my Junkyard of Scrapped Ideas, there are many EEs. Make sure to turn off the artificial gravity using the switch near the apple at the beginning. If you go near the end of the level, there'll be a small raised bump. Get in the front layer, on top of the bump. Jump and steer to the right. You'll land on a metal platform. You can run around on top, and the guys from Game and Watch: Manhole will help you get across if a vertical bar is ever in the way. If you go to certain places, you can find physical "Easter Eggs" that you can grab for 10,000 points each. There's even a small area with some beige pipes from an old, old, project of mine that was built in the same level. If you go as far to the right as you can, you'll see a Wormhole next to another easter egg that will take you to a replica of the NeXT hub. Another physical easter egg replaces the one on the pedestal in the normal easter egg place in the hub. Also, there is no prize in the trash can. Two actual items can be collected there: the cartridge and the Accessory, the only two nonlocked items. However, I'm not sure if this is approved of (the giving away of those) so they will be removed soon. Everyone is missing, the upper floors cannot be accessed, and the camera angles and lighting are wrong. All of this is to give it an 'off-duty' sort of look. I'm going to add easter eggs to my Rec Hotel level soon, one of which might involve entering the Konami Code on a Fun Machine. Lamp oil. Rope? Bombs? Easter egg instructions. Descriptions? Trivia? It's yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rupees. stay tuned to my blog.