So I went around with "Bobinti" today into multiple levels of his. This would explain my uploading of pictures of secret unreleased GameExpo stuff. I also got a good look at the Tap That! Easter Egg and Project: Mountain. All I can say about Mountain is: It's an amazing idea, and will be great, but in my opinion this concept was already explored in...something else by the same people. I can't say what it is, 'cause you know, it's secret. Not much work has been done on it.

As for the easter egg, here's how to trigger it: Go into the level, and don't get into the controlinators after the host 'Bill Tardison' finishes his lengthy explanation. Have everyone go to the front layer in the far left corner (infront of near where Bill Tardison stands) and wait. After a few seconds, a Wormhole should appear. Go through it to be taken to the set of "Push the Button!". You'll see Tardisbill, Chunky104, lionfish-swarm29, and Darkparallel in the player seats, and me as the host with a tie on. If you go past that (all the way to the right and past the original PtB level entrance), you'll go into a back-stage area, which contains within it a fully working GameExpo Arcade console (Breakout, small) and a wormhole that will take you back to the set of Tap That, where you can complete the rest of the game like usual. It's truly awesome.

If you need instructions, on how to get through the hotels to Easter eggs in other levels (like that one in the Junkyard of Scrapped Ideas), check out the enclosed instruction book. my later blog posts.