Hey, Bobob LiteNing here. I currently cannot play LBP right now, but here's some info on LiteNing!

Current Consoles

SoundBox (LBP2)

It's a tiny music player!

GamePack (LBP2)

Wait, was I even involved with this thing? The GamePack is a collaboration with RGames, and its main feature is interchangeable firmware. I did almost nothing with v1.0.0, to be honest...

Planned Consoles

Game Droid (LBP2)

This is a collaboration with Kowan011. Unlike the GamePack, we both had a hand in creating the console, and we actually got pretty far into making it! Features include a moveable screen, an ID system for multiple Game Droids, and Controlinators that use Tags so there would be no interference with Recievers.

MusiCart (LBP3)

A unique little device, this is actually a NeXT cartridge turned music player. Features include tweak, grab, and touch controls, a little screen for song info, a stickerable exterior, and a retractable cartridge slot, allowing for both installed and external songs. Permission from Billy Anderson.

Wave TV (LBP3)

This huge device has multiple channels to connect devices to. Codenamed GTV, and formerly known as Gamer TV, after the failed Kowan011 console.

Henimo Wave (Wave TV)

LiteNing's games console for the Wave TV.

RGames TV (Wave TV)

Basically a Ryzen for the big screen, this also has compatibility with Propane and Ryzen cartridges. Currently without a prototype. Collaboration with RGames and Kowan011.

Lumen (LBP2)

LiteNing's new multimedia console. A collaboration with Kowan011, it features cartridge installation, an advanced ID system, a new BIOS named Thunder, and more. Currently without a prototype.

beatplayer (LBP3)

LiteNing's new music player. Features a unique touch-controlled interface, compatibility with other consoles, 201-song playlists, death to Selectors, and more, including a new type of music sequencer...

SuperSequencer (LBP3)

A music sequencer with microchips to enhance the experience. Currently under planning. Currently without a prototype, along with beatplayer.

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