For those of you that are currently unaware, T-Games is currently in the process of shutting down and transferring all of its assets over to Trixel Creative by the 1st of January 2019. This begs the question, what will happen to the T-Games Wiki (and the T-Games website) after that date?

All currently supported content (with some exceptions) will be making its way over to the Trixel Creative domain. For example, all of our currently supported LittleBigPlanet content (such as Evergreen Park: Revenge of the Bubbles and Traffic Panic 2: Road Rage!) will be given a re-branding. You may be wondering then, what will happen to the older T-Games content? The stuff that isn't currently supported? The NeXT? Larry Da Vinci's 'SkyWheel'? Well, these items will continue to live on via T-Games Legacy, a non-advertised branch of Trixel Creative.

T-Games Legacy is committed to maintaining T-Games content that cannot be re-branded; such as the aforementioned unsupported titles and others (such as Traffic Panic! and Tremors). This small section of Trixel Creative is exclusively operated by the members that transferred from T-Games, and will continue to support and maintain the T-Games Wiki and T-Games website. T-Games Legacy will also be operating the only original T-Games service that will not be shutting down: T-Games Archives.

Although the title of T-Games Legacy may infer that it only supports older creations (a notion aided by the fact that the only active service is an archiving system), this is not strictly true. T-Games Legacy has been given approval by Trixel Creative to continue creating content with T-Games assets. This means that new content can be created by the original T-Games team - and not just including minor things such as official updates to Wiki articles, but also media relating to things such as the Fictional T-Games Universe, under the T-Games Legacy name. This means that there is a chance that new media surrounding  things such as the TBS Nightstar and Slave 001 may come into fruition.

It's important to note that this content will not be officially endorsed by Trixel Creative in any way, and that no new IP can be created outside of the T-Games Fictional Universe or already established IPs. Still, we think this is an exciting prospect and the T-Games Wiki will continue to be supported while there is still a need for it to be.