Hey! I'm currently working on a new update for the "Tremors" adventure series on LittleBigPlanet 2!

The update contains tweaks, additions, removals and more.

Here is a full list of updates so far:

Tremors - Part I: The Nightstar Awaits

  • Extended scenes for a more atmospheric effect
  • Modified the model for Slave 001
  • Replaced 'Disaster Strikes' music with 'Sleepy Hallows' music at the NASA base
  • Put the main image of the Nightstar IV in the NASA Base on hologram instead of being on the back material
  • Changed back material that the main image of the Nightstar IV used to be on from Riveted Panels to to Neon Bevel
  • Re-wrote all speech in the NASA base
  • Made NASA Guy and Martian Shaw look at Rose when she says her line in the NASA Base 
  • Removed last camera angle whereby the camera paused and looked up at the rocket
  • Added black paint splats behind 'TREMORS' logo
  • Made the primary Nightstar IV model bigger and removed the cut to the secondary model which was henceforth deemed futile
  • Faded in ambient sounds for the Core Switch scene
  • Edited ambient lighting in the Core Switch scene
  • Added DebonaireToast's voice recording
  • Changed the character of Martian Shaw
  • Added X_DISARMED_PR0_X's voice recordings

Tremors - Part II: All Aboard!

  • Added a beginning cutscene showing the rocket travelling toward the Nightstar
  • Added sound effects inbetween the cutscene and gameplay to give the effect the player is leaving the rocket and boarding the space station
  • Modified gameplay whereby the player had to swing across a gap - now the player simply has to jump
  • Removed the plasma sound effects from the green liquid oozing from Push the Button! studios, and replaced it with a bubbling sound effect from the The Nightmare Before Christmas level kit.
  • Fixed camera angles
  • Shortened some of the String that held pieces of sponge that the player had to grab to get across the green liquid oozing from Push the Button! studios
  • Added an invisible barrier that emits once the player has met chunky, so the player cannot drag him to a hazard and kill him
  • Added a checkpoint which activates when the invisible barrier emits, preventing the player from accessing the area behind the invisible barrier
  • Added a 3.5 second cutscene which smoothens the transition when the player is travelling through the transport pipe
  • The air vent sequence has now been made one-time only (as it should've been)
  • The air vent to the teleporter can now be pulled out sooner
  • A lot of text has been cut out, shortened and re-written during the scene when Chunky104 explains to the player what has happened
  • Added Chunky104's voice recordings
  • Added an extra line at the end of the scene between Chunky104 and the player to smoothen the transition into 'Chilly Business'
  • Turned the conversation between Chunky104 and the player into a cutscene, and added a new scene which shows the creation of Slave 001
  • Removed the anti-gravity tweaker of the air vent that caused it to float once removed
  • Made the material of the air vent smaller so that is easier to pull it out now that there is no anti-gravity tweaker to do the same job
  • Fixed the telepad activating before the player stood on top of it

Tremors - Part III: Chilly Business

  • Made the music activate sooner
  • Fixed the 'Robot slave hamster wheel' not falling down when it breaks
  • Re-added SP_Sour's cameo in a different manner
  • Tweaked the wall-jump section, and made it easier to climb and 'escape' from
  • Made the sequence with the robot slave breaking free activate if the player has not completed the level before
  • Made a grave emit instead of the robot slave sequence playing if the player has completed the level before
  • Gave the partially-open section a more 'cold' feel, by adjusting the lighting
  • Gave all of the lethal gass a blue tint to help with the cold feel
  • Extended some of the pieces of ice in the circuit section, as (due to the layers being some thin in some parts) the player could electrocute themselves by landing on a thin piece
  • Replaced the gas air-vent section with metal crushers, which run on the same logic
  • Extended the 'metal crushers' section
  • Fixed camera angles
  • Added more icicles for aethestics
  • Added new gas section with valves
  • Modified and added more to the teleporter section

Tremors - Part IV: Experiments!

  • Removed a section of a wall to allow the player to pass through the level easier
  • Extended raduis of tag sensor to prevent the player from walking into lionfish-swarm29 during the end sequence
  • Added a new gameplay element
  • Removed some uncessesary lighting and stickers to ease the thermometer
  • Fixed all 'NASA Guy' speech bubbles that were speaking like lionfish-swarm29 so that they have no sound
  • Added Vex_Doppel's voice recordings

Tremors - Part V: Down Under

  • Removed some scenery that prevented the player from smoothly playing through the level
  • Added invisble barriers that prevent the player from 'clipping' into the back layer with the consoles, preventing them from running smoothly through the level when it is important
  • Replaced the lionfish-swarm29 outfit with the outfits used for parts VI and VII
  • Updated Slave 001 Costume
  • Modified some of the floor to prevent the player from stopping
  • Added mariofan24's voice recordings
  • Added Vex_Doppel's voice recordings

Tremors - Part VI: Time Warp (previously 'Time Control')

  • Added mariofan24's voice recordings
  • Added Chunky104's voice recordings
  • Added TardisBIll's voice recordings
  • Added Vex_Doppel's voice recordings
  • Updated Bill's costume
  • Removed robo-slave chocolate easter egg
  • Added a 3sec cutscene that shows the light gate opening once the player has stepped on the button 3 times.
  • TardisBill can now no longer change layers at the end, therefore preventing the player from being able to drag him to his death
  • Added new easter egg involving Slave 001
  • Tweaked corners of some of the metal in the circuit board section
  • Added more scaffolding and support structures
  • Added more ambient lighting
  • Edited the camera at the (non-grapple hook) grab wheels to track the player at 0% instead of 10%

Tremors - Part VII: The Core

  • Cut down 'Forever Inside'
  • Sped-up 'Forever Inside' from 80bpm to 140bpm
  • Added a bonus scene after 'Forever Inside' which includes all current members of T-Games
  • Removed 'Push the Button' set to clear up thermo for the bonus scene
  • Added mariofan24's voice recordings
  • Added Chunky104's voice recordings
  • Added TardisBIll's voice recordings
  • Added SP_Sour's voice recording
  • Updated Slave 001 Costume
  • Added Vex_Doppel's voice recordings
  • Tweaked Core room material to fit in with the end of 'Time Warp'
  • Edited corners of the after-math Core room to make it more realistic

Other Information!

  • DebonaireToast herself will be included in final scene, however she will be voicing 'Rose Midgley' in the opening scene 'The Nightstar Awaits'
  • Non-T-Games Member 'Vex_Doppel' is voicing lionfish-swarm29
  • A certain Key may or not be involved in an easter egg...
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