The T-Games NeXT v1.7 is one of the most adventurous NeXT Updates yet. It is not the biggest by any means logic-wise, but for the user's experience with the NeXT, it's a biggy.

NeXT v1.7 will include:

  • A Menu System! - This has been asked from GameEx since the dawn of the GameExpo, and it's finally here! The NeXT Menu System will allow the user to access options, open the inserted folder and access their Personal Music Library!
  • Personal Music Library! - Now users can put up to 8 of their favourite jams onto their NeXT, and access them using the Menu system.
  • Disable Folder Music - This disables all music within Folders (v1.7+), which allows you to play music from your Personal Music Library whilst playing through the Files in a Folder.
  • Changes to 'Direct-Control' - Now if you press R1 + L3 You'll be re-directed to the Menu.
  • A New 'M Chip' that manages all of the Menu Processes in the Motherboard
  • Full-Screen Mode now shows more of the screen (and more clearly, too).

As I said - it's not the biggest update ever, but it is certainly special!

Click here to be re-directed to the T-Games News post, and see what the Menu actually looks like at present!