Update: The transformation is now complete!

Original Article: When T-Games finalized its merge with Trixel Creative in 2019, it was decided that the subsidiary T-Games Legacy would be formed, maintaining outdated T-Games branded content under a organisation still maintained by Trixel Creative.

One of the platforms T-Games Legacy would operate from was decided to be the T-Games Wiki (to be re-branded 'T-Games Legacy Wiki' and in collaboration with the T-Games Legacy Archives), which is where you are right now.

This wiki aims to catalogue all T-Games Legacy creations. However, the Wiki has also found itself cataloging Trixel Creative creations for several reasons.

As a result, Trixel Creative is now gaining full ownership of the wiki, and all Trixel Creative content will be cataloged on here.

This is being done in collaboration with T-Games Legacy. It is important to note that no pages relevant exclusively to T-Games and T-Games Legacy will be removed from this wiki. Instead, they will be given this disclaimer:

T-Games Legacy
This page covers T-Games Legacy content and may feature outdated or archived content that is otherwise unrelated to Trixel Creative.

Thank you.

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