So, incase you haven't scrolled down on the wiki home page yet, you'll have noticed that there's been a layout change and some more stuff has been added :D

This is the work of mine (and some help from DD for fixing the pictures so that they go together and are in line with the text). I did it because I looked around other wikis and thought ours was just too... plain, unofficial, and as if we didn't care about it too much.

I've moved the Activity Feed to the bottom right corner of the wiki, because I felt like it shouldn't be one of the main thing visitors look at when first arriving onto the wiki. They should see mainly what T-Games are all about within a few seconds of joining the wiki, and not having to read that much text.

I've changed the layout of 'Platforms' by making them pictures (actually they are icons inside of the ring of the new T-Games logo, but that will change when the new logos roll out, as they will be edited to be inside of the new T-Games Wiki logo instead). I've also added a 'Social Media' section, so that it's easier for people to be able to follow us on twitter, etc.

And last but not least (besides minor edits), I've added a shiney new poll. This was intentionally just to fill space, but I actually liked it so much I've made it into a weekly thing because I'm just so awesome.

So yeah, new changes and ahduihwauihdauf :D Thoughts?