T-Games Legacy
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U-Music logo notext.png
The U-Music Solar Logo
Founded 27 November 2012
Defunct 7 February 2018
Parent T-Games

U-Music was an online-based non-profit music label that distributed music through multiple platforms as a subsidiary of T-Games.


U-Music originally distributed its music via a level on LittleBigPlanet, with all music being created on the platform.

During July 2013 the label expanded to Bandcamp, transferring over all LittleBigPlanet content and adding additional content such as Billy Anderson's Change.. At the same time a weebly website was created, which provided navigation for the Bandcamp content.

Some time between July 2013 and February 2015, the U-Music weebly website closed down and instead the navigation for the Bandcamp platform was situated on the T-Games website.

During the Spectrum design change of 2016 the U-Music section on the T-Games website was replaced by a placeholder image for 'T-Games Music' - a service which intended to replace U-Music. However, the Bandcamp website was still operational (although no update took place).

On the 7th of February 2018 the Bandcamp website was updated, replacing all U-Music branding with T-Games. The URL was also changed from 'u-music.bandcamp.com' to 't-games.bandcamp.com'. The T-Games website was also updated to become a navigation system for the Bandcamp website again.



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  • The Darkness Within - Increase in Measurement
  • The Darkness Within - Robot Revitalise


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