Tri-Expo 2015
The Tri-Expo 2015 promotional banner
Genre Gaming
Streamed October 18, 2015
Total views 103
Next event Tri-Expo 2016
Organised by T-Games
Trixel Creative
Filing Status Non-profit
Tri-Expo 2015 was the first Tri-Expo held and was presented by T-Games and Trixel Creative. The event took place online and was broadcast via the Tri-Expo 2015 Twitch account on the October 18 2015 at 19:00 UTC, with a total of 103 viewers. The stream lasted 17 minutes and 37 seconds, not including the pre-event screen which lasted 22 minutes and 8 seconds. The stream was subsequently re-streamed at 7:30pm GMT.

On November 17 2016 at 6pm GMT the stream was again re-streamed in preparation for Tri-Expo 2016.


T-Games and Trixel Creative alternated announcements in the stream, with Trixel Creative taking the opening spot. In total, Trixel Creative presented 4 presentations and T-Games also presented 4, however technically they presented 7 as Evergreen Park: Revenge of the Bubbles and The Adventures of Protag both had a trailer and gameplay demo each and there was a brief T-Games Network reminder presented at the end.


Event Length Presented by
Return to Carnivalia Trailer 1:04 Trixel Creative
Traffic Panic 2: Road Rage! Trailer 0:42 T-Games
Raider Origins Gameplay Trailer 2:08 Trixel Creative
Evergreen Park: Revenge of the Bubbles Trailer 1:29 T-Games
Evergreen Park: Revenge of the Bubbles Gameplay Demo 2:53 T-Games
LittleBigPlanet Flash Beta Code 0:26 Trixel Creative
MusicPlayer Demonstration 4:26 T-Games
The Sims LBP Trailer 1:07 Trixel Creative
The Adventures of Protag Trailer 0:28 T-Games
The Adventures of Protag Gameplay Demo 2:33 T-Games
The Adventures of Protag Demo Announcement 0:08 T-Games
The Network Reminder 0:15 T-Games
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