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Developer(s) Billy Anderson
Writer(s) Billy Anderson
Series T-Games Adventures
Platform LittleBigPlanet 2
Release Date September 24, 2013
Genre(s) Cinematic-Platformer

Tremors is a level series in LittleBigPlanet 2 created by Billy Anderson for T-Games. The level series contains seven levels and was published on September 24, 2013.



The TBS Nightstar's CrystalStar has been attacked by an unknown entity, leaving the space station in ruin and with little power. NASA deploy an employee, the player, to the station in order to report back.

After discovering Chunky104 on a flight deck, it is revealed that the TBS Nightstar was attacked by Slave 001, a failed experiment for robot servants onboard the station that had become sentient. He had disturbed the CrystalStar, which sent a powerful shockwave across the space station, leaving it in disrepair. Chunky104 and the player are then split up as they attempt to use a faulty teleportation device.

The player is sent to the TBS Nightstar's freezer, where they locate another teleportation device that brings them to lionfish-swarm29's laboratory. After traversing through toxic waste, the player discovers lionfish-swarm29 conducting his own experiments. Due to the weak structure of the TBS Nightstar, the floor falls through beneath them, and they land in the TBS Nightstar's junkyard.

The junkyard contains old, rusting versions of T-Games creations, such as the GameExpo Classic and Quadratum. In the junkyard, the player and lionfish-swarm29 encounter Slave 001, who then proceeds to chase them - wreaking havoc along the way. The player and lionfish-swarm29 eventually flee and locate Mariofan24, who is experimenting on a NeXT console in order to create a teleportation device. Using this device, the trio teleport to TardisBill's laboratory.

Even though TardisBill's laboratory is close to the TBS Nightstar's CrystalStar, it appears that it has been unaffected by the shockwave. While exploring the laboratory, the trio locate TardisBill and Chunky104 - the latter of whom had been teleported there when the player was teleported to the freezer earlier. TardisBill reveals that he has been conducting time experiments, hence resorting his laboratories back to an unaffected state. He states his plan to do this to the CrystalStar, though the device needs some calibrating first. The player then conducts time experiments with the assistance of TardisBill.

Once the device has been calibrated, the group head to the TBS Nightstar's Core. Once there, TardisBill successfully restores the CrystalStar, and the TBS Nightstar begins to repair itself. It is then that Slave 001 teleports into the Core, and states his plan to sacrifice himself by jumping into the CrystalStar, destroying the TBS Nightstar completely.

Slave 001 destroys the casing for the CrystalStar, disrupting it once more. TardisBill attempts to use the time device again, but it has run out of power. Slave 001 then decides to jump into the CrystalStar, destroying the TBS Nightstar in a powerful explosion, and trapping himself into the Core Dimension for eternity.

It is revealed at this point that TardisBill was aware of what would happen, and knew that trapping Slave 001 into the Core Dimension would be the safest thing to do, using reverse psychology to ensure he sacrificed himself. Just before Slave 001 jumped into the CrystalStar, TardisBill teleported the group (himself, lionfish-swarm29, Mariofan24 and the player) to a small T-Games base on the Moon, ensuring their safety. There, they begin plans to start construction of a new Nightstar, before realising that Chunky104 is not present.

In a post-credits scene, it is revealed that Chunky104 was teleported to a desert on Earth by mistake. After a long period of time there, he stumbles upon some wreckage from the original TBS Nightstar that was destroyed. Locating his original teleportation device, he teleports to the newly-built Nightstar, where he angrily encounters the rest of the T-Games team in a comical finale.


Overthrow Update

The Overthrow Update was the first major update to the series, and was published on April 9, 2014. The update added new sections of gameplay, as well as providing graphical updates.

Corruption Update

The Corruption Update was the second major update to the series, was published on September 24, 2014 (the series' first anniversary). The update added voice recordings to all cutscenes, new gameplay sections within levels, new aesthetic and aural changes, as well as a brand-new level and extended cutscenes.


  • Tremors - Part I: The Nightstar Awaits
  •  Tremors - Part II: All Aboard!
  • Tremors - Part III: Chilly Business
  • Tremors - Part IV: Experiments!
  • Tremors - Part V: Down Under
  • Tremors - Part VI: Time Warp
  • Tremors - Part VII: The Core