Traffic Panic! Christmas Edition!
Traffic Panic! Christmas Edition!'s level badge
Platforms LittleBigPlanet 2
Creators Billy Anderson
Series Traffic Panic!
Published December 29, 2014
Traffic Panic! Christmas Edition! is a spin-off of Traffic Panic! created by Billy Anderson that was released on December 29, 2014.


Traffic Panic! Christmas Edition! was originally intended to be published over the original level on Billy Anderson's 'TardisBill' Earth for Christmas day and the subsequent 12 Days of Christmas, before being replaced with the original once more. However, as the PlayStation Network became unavailable due to DDoS attacks on Christmas day, the level was instead published on the December 29, 2014 on Anderson's 'BillyAnderson9' Earth as a permanent feature in order to validate his new account.

During winter 2016, Traffic Panic: Christmas Edition! was featured in the official 'Winter Wonderlands' playlist in LittleBigPlanet 3's 'Community' section, which significantly increased its unique plays by ~7,000 within its first day.


The level is almost identical to the original level in the Traffic Panic! series, and contains exactly the same level structure, logic structure and car models. Traffic Panic! Christmas Edition! does, however, feature snow set on the ground, a white (rather than black) fog colour, and a different playlist of music in order to aid the winter theme.


  • Sackinima's 'Best in Show' Episode 1 (2015)
  • Level of the Day (20th December, 2016)
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