Fictional Content
This page covers fiction, including events that didn't happen in real life, but are still valid content.
The Core is a complex of power and storage database utilities for the TBS Nightstar. Contained within the complex is a CrystalStar, which provides most of the power and digital storage.


The Core plays a main part in T-Games Adventures in the series Tremors, as Slave 001 attacks the complex, ultimately powering down the stability systems and making the rift contained within the CrystalStar unstable. As a result, the power systems of the station are unreliable and the over-all structure is weak due to stability systems being damaged.

As Slave 001 jumps into The Core's CrystalStar, he is sucked through the rift into the infinite core dimension, creating a huge explosion due to the sudden disturbance to the rift, before resulting in an implosion which ultimately seals the original rift. In the process, the Nightstar IV is destroyed.


The aftermath of a section of The Core containing the CrystalStar in Tremors, after Slave 001 jumps in and disturbs the rift.