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Alerts adapted for all sizes! :D

To use, just type {{alert|*}} and replace the * symbol with the corresponding letter on the left side.
This template was rolled out on the 9th of April, 2015. All of the messages were optimized on their respective pages.

First Generation: Messages
Rolled out 16th July, 2013

A - Under Construction
B - Article Locked
C - Opinion Alert
D - Humorous Article

Under Construction
This page is undergoing some serious work to document everything.
Page Locked
This page is locked to prevent vandalism and bad faith edits. Contact an administrator for inquiries.
Trigger Warning
This user's page may contain opinions that may spark controversy. Remain as civil as possible.
Humorous Page
The content on this page is kept because it has comedic value. Please do not treat it otherwise.

Second Generation: Alerts
Rolled out 9th September, 2013

E - Admin Watch
F - Cleanup
G - Cleanup Request
H - Off-Topic
I - Featured Article

Administrator Watching
An administrator is watching this page. Make the wrong move, and the banhammer will unleash its wrath.
This page is currently being cleaned up. Do not intervene on the process even when the editors may not be active.
Cleanup Request
Some areas of the page may be in need of correction.
This page isn't directly related to the wiki subject, but is otherwise needed to connect some points.
Featured Article
This is a featured article. It is a great read on its own.

Third Generation: Templates
Rolled out 20th April, 2015

J - Fictional Content

Fictional Content
This page covers fiction, including events that didn't happen in real life, but are still valid content.

Fourth Generation: Catalogs
Rolled out 3rd October, 2015

K - Catalog
L - Catalog Wanted
M - Broken Catalog
N - Under Reconstruction (Oct 9th)

This page is a list of official or recognized content for this console. Do not list things in sentences.
Catalog Wanted
This list can upgrade to a Catalog.
Broken Catalog
This page does not align with the catalog standard in some ways.
Under Reconstruction
Some major updates are underway. Do not intervene even when the editors may not be active.

Fifth Generation: Legacy
Rolled out 11th February, 2019

O - T-Games Legacy
P - T-Games Fictional Universe
Q - T-Games Legacy Archives
R - Stub

T-Games Legacy
This page covers T-Games Legacy content and may feature outdated or archived content that is otherwise unrelated to Trixel Creative.
T-Games Fictional Universe
This page details fictional content from the T-Games Fictional Universe as though it is non-fiction.
Page Archived
This page has been restricted by the T-Games Legacy Archives and may contain outdated content.
This article is a stub. You can help the Trixel Creative Wiki by expanding it.
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