T-Games Legacy
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Type Reward System
Launched 17th November 2012
Re-Launched 26th June 2014
Discontinued 5th June 2015

T-Tokens originally served as a currency and reward system for fans of T-Games along with the T-VIP system, and later as a currency for members of the T-Games Network upon its re-launch in June 2014.

T-Tokens & T-VIP

The original T-Tokens system launched together with the T-VIP system in order to create a benefits scheme for fans of T-Games. T-Tokens would be awarded by T-Games personally to fans, usually after they did something notable, such as create a game for one of their LittleBigPlanet consoles or write an exceptionally nice review.

Fans were usually given 1 T-Token per notable event. With these T-Tokens, members could head to the T-Tokens Store on LittleBigPlanet and view which items were available to purchase. These items included items such as games for the NeXT, retired consoles such as the SoundWave II and T-VIP memberships.


When T-VIP was discontinued on the 26th of June 2014, the T-Tokens system was re-launched in order to support the new T-Games Network. Users still had to be given T-Tokens personally by T-Games, but the amount was now 100 T-Tokens per notable event rather than 1 T-Token.

Users could purchase different ranks of T-Games Network as well as visit the T-Tokens Store on the T-Games website to purchase exclusive content such as a video call with T-Games members. It was also to be planned that users could purchase T-Tokens using real-life money.


The T-Tokens system was discontinued on the 5th of June 2015 in order to support the launch of The Network later that year, which dropped any form of currency or membership plan and was simply a subscription-based service.

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