T-Games Legacy
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The 2017 T-Pod logo.
Series Count 1
Initial Launch Date The Origins of T-Games
April 10, 2013
Hosted by Billy Anderson
Liam MacBean

T-Pod was the official podcast of T-Games, hosted by Billy Anderson, and Liam MacBean. The Podcast was not themed; it was rather arbitrary. The hosts talked about subjects that may not be related to T-Games itself.


Series 1

Although the series premiered on YouTube first, it was released on the U-Music Bandcamp website on June 29 2013. The 2013 Bandcamp release featured the newly-edited tracks for T-Radio, including the originally discarded episode 'Idiot Test' as a hidden bonus track. The episode was originally recorded as the third episode in the series, however was removed from the original release due to the recording being interrupted by Liam's younger siblings. The interruptions were edited out of the final mix.

Some time before February 2015 the original series was removed from the U-Music Bandcamp website.

On the 7th of February 2018, as a celebration of the series' 5th anniversary, the series was re-edited, re-mastered, given different episode titles and featured additional tracks. It was released via the T-Games Bandcamp site.

Episode Title Length
1 The Origins of T-Games 5:25
2 Personality Test 11:54
3 Mental Sharpness 5:45
4 Manliness Test 8:29
5 Idiot Test (Bonus Track) 5:48

Episode Title Length
1 T-Radio Sting 0:08
2 Episode 1: The Origin of T-Games 4:15
3 Episode 2: Personality Quiz 13:10
4 Episode 3: Mental Sharpness Quiz 5:35
5 Episode 4: Manliness Quiz 8:05
6 Lost Episode: Idiot Quiz 6:39
7 T-Pod Test 0:45

Series 2

Series 2 for the T-Pod was initially planned to be recorded as soon as Series 1 had finished airing, however no official date was announced before T-Games' closure in 2019.


After their original broadcast, all T-Pod episodes went through intense editing during 2013 in order to become suitable for radio broadcast on the T-Radio service. During the editing process the raw file for a previously unreleased episode, titled 'Idiot Quiz', was discovered and put through the same process in order to become suitable for broadcast. Although the episode and radio edits remain unreleased, they were broadcast for public hearing during T-Radio's testing stages.


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