T-Games Legacy
This page covers T-Games Legacy content and may feature outdated or archived content that is otherwise unrelated to Trixel Creative.
The T-Games Torasko Jungle Village was a village created and managed by T-Bit for T-Games on the server in 2012, which has since been taken offline.


Initially there was no intent for a village, but a treehouse for T-Games members. It wasn't until Billy Anderson began experimenting with house designs that T-Games decided to keep the initial concepts, and let other members of the server purchase them. The treehouse for T-Games members was then massively extended and became the 'Administration Building' for Administrators of T-Games at the time. Houses prices ranged from $30 to $50 per house using the server's currency system.

As time progressed, more (and different styles of) houses were added to the village, as well as a marketplace, shop, pier, farm, and T-Games House for other T-Games memebers to reside. There was also an extremely large underground storage complex that was only accessible to T-Games members.

The village became an officially recognised part of the server, with it's own '/warp' destination and a recommendation to visit at the initial spawn-point.


After the official establishment of the village, it was understood by T-Games that the entire Jungle biome belonged to them - however this was not the case. A nearby town owner decided to chop down a large portion of the Jungle biome in order to extend his town - forcing T-Games plans of a great extension to the village to be scrapped. T-Games decided to protest, and set up signs around the town in opposition. The leader of the server, Torasko, did not approve of the protest and almost decided to give the entire village to the town owners. Luckily the T-Games Administrators came to an agreement, and it was decided that the rest of the Jungle belonged to T-Games, and that no further deforestation or expansion was allowed without T-Games consent.


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