T-Games Sapphire
Sapphire 0.0.3
The most notable changes Sapphire 0.0.3 brought.
Initial Release Date 0.0.1
April 8, 2013
Latest Update 0.0.3
July 30, 2013
Support Ended March 3, 2015
Developers Billy Anderson
Dillon M.
Development State Alpha

T-Games Sapphire is an internet browser developed by Billy Anderson and Dillon M.. The software is programmed in VB.NET, using the Internet Explorer engine that .NET defaults to. Sapphire is designed with "simplicity in mind", and ease of use. It has never entered beta, and T-Bit was given the property rights on March 28, 2014.

After 0.0.2, Sapphire paused development due to Anderson's trial of Visual Studio expiring (but the community edition was lesser known at the time). The next version would be pioneered by Dillon M., 0.0.3, but never released due to his leave in November. A previous edit stated the source code was lost, however when things settled the next year, Sapphire's source code was transferred but it's current location remains unknown.

Version HistoryEdit

Version Date Description
0.0.1 April 8, 2013 Alpha launch.
0.0.2 April 9, 2013
  • Improved Interface (+ Toolbar).
  • Loading a URL can now be done by pressing 'Enter' on the keyboard instead of 'Go' on the browser.
  • Added Homepage capability.
  • Added Search capability (With options for Bing + Yahoo).
  • Added Option to change search engine.
  • Added 'About' section to browser.
  • Added a link to a page on T-Games website exclusively for Sapphire about updates.
  • Added Link to the T-Games website Home page.
  • Improved window size.
  • Fixed 'Script Error' that prevented certain pages from loading properly.
0.0.3 July 28
  • Settings now has 2 new search options (Google + YouTube)
  • Settings now has a Default button that resets the settings to the original values.
  • About dialog now has its own changelog.
  • The browser now has an icon
  • 'About' dialog now looks different.
  • Nearly all buttons and visual content have been renamed in the code (For example, 'Button1' became 'GoButton') for easier development.
  • Unlocalized the search options. No longer will Yahoo search in the United Kingdom once selected.
  • 'Enter' can be used to search with the Search Box.
  • The text entered in the Search Box will disappear if you unselect it.
  • The URL in the address bar now updates the browser's current URL visited.
  • The ability to resize the window was removed due to code complications. This will be fixed in time.
  • Pointless lines of code removed.

System RequirementsEdit

Minimum Recommended
Processor 1.5 GHz
1 core
2+ GHz
2+ cores
Memory 512 MB 2+ GB
Operating System Windows XP Windows 7+
.NET Framework 4.0 4.5

Sapphire is not known to run on Linux or macOS with WINE.