T-Games Legacy
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Founded October 1, 2018
Type Trixel Creative subsidiary
Status Active
Website t-gameslegacy.weebly.com

T-Games Legacy is a subsidiary of Trixel Creative of which outdated legacy T-Games content is listed under, with some exceptions.

The T-Games Legacy Archives (formerly the T-Games Archives) service is the only original T-Games service still operating after the merge with Trixel Creative in 2019, and does so via the T-Games Legacy subsidiary.


With the merge of T-Games and Trixel Creative in 2019 that resulted in Trixel Creative gaining ownership of all T-Games content, there were several T-Games assets that Trixel Creative were unable to update, or rejected to self-brand.

Public T-Games Legacy Assets

These items are currently available to the public under the name 'T-Games' or 'T-Games Legacy'.

LittleBigPlanet Assets

Other Assets

Active Developments

T-Games Legacy have the ability to create content within the established IPs that have not been transferred over to the Trixel Creative brand, such as the T-Games Fictional Universe and The NeXT Generation. Any new IPs must be manually assessed by Trixel Creative, who may decide to publish the content as their brand.

In 2019, T-Games Legacy and GemWay formed a contract which allows GemWay the use of the T-Games Legacy brand.

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