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T-Games Legacy
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Founded October 1, 2018
Type Trixel Creative subsidiary
Status Active

T-Games Legacy is a subsidiary of Trixel Creative which owns all T-Games creations and IPs that were not updated to the Trixel Creative brand following the closure of T-Games.

The T-Games Legacy Archives (formerly the T-Games Archives) is the only original T-Games service still operating, and does so via the T-Games Legacy subsidiary.


Following the closure of T-Games, Trixel Creative was granted ownership of all T-Games content. However, not all of T-Games' assets were unable to be updated to the Trixel Creative name, or were rejected by Trixel Creative. T-Games Legacy was therefore launched by Billy Anderson as a subsidiary of Trixel Creative in order to preserve and maintain the remaining T-Games branded content.

Public T-Games Legacy Assets

These assets are currently available to the public under the name 'T-Games' or 'T-Games Legacy'.

LittleBigPlanet Assets

Other Assets

Active Developments

Trixel Creative allows for T-Games Legacy to create content within the established IPs that have not been transferred over to the Trixel Creative brand. This has resulted in various updates to The NeXT Generation, which is now branded as 'T-Games Legacy for Trixel Creative'.

On January 2, 2019, T-Games Legacy released GameEx as an independent group. It subsequently ceased operation in June 2019.

On September 3, 2019, T-Games Legacy released GemWay as an independent group, and agreed upon a contract which allows GemWay the use of the T-Games Legacy branding.