T-Games Legacy
Multicolour 1
Founded 1st October 2018
Type Trixel Creative subsidiary
Status Active
T-Games Legacy is a subsidiary of Trixel Creative of which outdated legacy T-Games content is listed under, with some exceptions.

The T-Games Legacy Archives (formerly the T-Games Archives) service is the only original T-Games service still operating after the merge with Trixel Creative in 2019, and does so via the T-Games Legacy subsidiary.


With the merge of T-Games and Trixel Creative in 2019 that resulted in Trixel Creative gaining ownership of all T-Games content, there were several T-Games assets that Trixel Creative were unable to update, or rejected to self-brand.

Public T-Games Legacy Assets

These items are currently available to the public under the name 'T-Games' or 'T-Games Legacy'.

LittleBigPlanet Assets

Other Assets

Active Developments

T-Games Legacy have the ability to create content within the established IPs that have not been transferred over to the Trixel Creative brand, such as the T-Games Fictional Universe and The NeXT Generation. Any new IPs must be manually assessed by Trixel Creative, who may decide to publish the content as their brand.

Studios GameEx and GemWay are still operating as independent parties, with their licenses being updated to the T-Games Legacy brand instead of Trixel Creative. Development of the MusicPlayer, originally developed by GameEx, was handed entirely over to Trixel Creative in October 2018 and remains the only console Trixel Creative have interest in developing.

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