The T-Games Fictional Universe is a fictional setting whereby many T-Games fiction takes place.

Within the Universe T-Games is a multi-billion dollar company, with the T-Games Team being staff members. Within the setting T-Games has headquarters situated on the TBS Nightstar, a space station that orbits the moon, and the Oasis Moon Base.

Many console hub levels, such as the ones for The NeXT Generation, Fun Machine, Super Player and GameExpo take place upon the TBS Nightstar.

Within the Universe all T-Games LittleBigPlanets are considered to be located on the TBS Nightstar in some way, such as in a large studio set. This is the case for level series such as Evergreen Park and Traffic Panic! (Series).


LittleBigPlanet Levels

The following levels directly acknowledge the T-Games Fictional Universe within their settings.

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