T-Games Legacy
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T-Games Enterprise
2013-05-24 18.52.21
The T-Games Enterprise on Minecraft PC server
General Information
Construction Started Late March 2013
Opened April 4th, 2013
BedRock Nightclub
June 1st, 2013
Remaining structure
Developer T-Bit
Technical Details
Floor Count 7 (Including the basement)
Height 43 blocks

The T-Games Enterprise was a structure created by the T-Games studio T-Bit on the Minecraft PC server It fully opened to the public on June 1st, 2013 (after a limited opening for BedRock Nightclub took place on April 4th) and was taken offline just under 5 weeks later, on the 4th of July 2013.

It's structure's highest block was 43 blocks above the ground, and it also had an extensive underground system.

The T-Games Enterprise itself contained a swimming pool, theatre, hotel, observation deck, shop, restraunt, night club, reception, flats, studios, a recreational room and a tunnel system. These areas were officially split into 5 sections: North Block, Middle Block, East Block, South Block and Tunnel System. Only parts of the North Block, Middle Block and South Block were available to the public.

On the 17th of September 2013, T-Games released previously un-seen development pictures of the T-Games Enterprise, via their website.[1]

Development History

After T-Games aquired the plot, development on the T-Games Enterprise didn't start immediately as planning took place.

Initially, a private office block was intended on the plot, but that postponed and eventually later installed underground in the plot opposite the T-Games Enterprise (and connected via the Tunnel System).

After no development had been made on the site for quite some time, T-Bit laid the foundations for a T-Games Store to be situated on the site instead. The initial walkway and entrance for the store was constructed, but no further advancements were made for quite some time. T-Bit then decided to scrap the Store in favour of a multi-purpose complex building instead, and development started in late March of 2013.

The above-ground structure of the T-Games Enterprise was completed on the 4th of April 2013, and BedRock Nightclub opened that night. It was apparent that the nightclub was too small however and, on the 5th of April, BedRock Nightclub was de-constructed and then re-constructed to be opened later that day, with the ability to support a much larger capacity of people. On the 6th of April the bedrock dance floor was replaced with a new dance floor consisting entirely of colourful wool, however on the 8th of April the colourful dance floor was split into 2, with the bedrock dance floor making a return in the centre.

The Theatre of the T-Games Enterprise was the last part of the T-Games Enterprise to be constructed for launch, and was completed on the 29th of April.

All public areas of the T-Games Enterprise other than the Theatre had been completely furnished by the 28th of April 2013, and the T-Games Enterprise opened on the 1st of June. However, the furnishing of the private parts of the T-Games Enterprise took place from the 2nd-6th of May.

On the 31st of June, development on an area intended to be a recreational area and an over-flow section of BedRock called 'The Space' started. Development had been completed for quite some time, however was taken offline on the 4th of July, 2013 and The Space had not been opened before then.

The North Block

The North Block contained the Restaurant, BedRock Nightclub, Shop, access  to the Observation Deck and a small section of the Private T-Games Staff Mansion.

BedRock Nightclub

The BedRock Nightclub consisted of a dance floor, a DJ boothe and a surrounding balcony. When the nightclub was fairly busy, the 'Flood Gush' feature was turned on. When activated, lights in the centre of the roof opened up to a stream of water, which flooded the dance floor. The DJ boothe also had Droppers which often shot out deadmau5 heads, notch heads, creeper heads and sponge.

The Restaurant

The Restraunt was situated on the Ground Level of the North Block. It contained a kitchen, a service desk, 6 public tables and a VIP room with a private table. This area was actually intended for conferences, as food serves no real purpose in the Creative section of minecraft.

The Shops

The Shops was situated on levels 1-3 on the North Block. The bottom floor of the shops contained the checkouts (as well as available items), whilst floors 2 and 3 only contained items.

The Space

Accessible through the North Block (but situated in the East Block) was 'The Space'. The Space was an 18x14x15 block space that was intended to be a recreational space. Even though construction of The Space had been completed for quite some time, it was never opened to the public due to turning their servers offline.

The Middle Block

The Middle Block contained the main reception desk and entrances to the North and South Blocks. Small sections of the Shop, and Hotel were located in the Middle Block, as well as the Observation Deck. On the very top floor of the Middle Block was the main lobby of the Private T-Games Staff Mansion.

The Observation Deck

The Observation Deck was located on the highest public floor of the T-Games Enterprise (the 4th floor). The observatation deck made it possible to gain views of the server from a high perspective. It also allowed public access to the roof of the North and South blocks of the T-Games Enterprise.

The South Block

The South Block consisted of the Swimming Pool, Theatre, Hotel complex, Observation Deck and a small section of the Private T-Games Staff Mansion.

The Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool area contained a small pool and a large pool. The small pool was 1 block deep, whilst the large Pool ranged from 1-5 blocks deep. The deep end of the Large Pool also had a diving board. An outdoor pool had been constructed and was planned to open mid-late July 2013, however the server was taken offline before it was done so.

The Theatre

The Theatre was intended for conferences, lectures and stage shows - however the last two never took place before was taken offline.

It had a capacity up to 60 people, and had a 12x10block stage which was capable of having a podium raise out of the stage. Stairs were able to raise out of the floor so that people could walk onto the stage from the auditorium.

The Theatre had a Box office - the area intended for players to be able to collect their tickets for shows.

Within the corridor to the auditorium there was a snack bar, but it was merely for visual reasons.

The Hotel

The Hotel consisted of 14 hotel rooms which were able to be rented out using T-Tokens. The hotel rooms contained 2 beds, a furnace, an anvil, a crafting table, an enchanting table, a single chest, a cauldron and a brewing stand. 11 of the hotel rooms were 9x4x4 blocks, the other 3 being 8x4x4 - however containing a double chest (instead of a single chest) and an enderchest.

The East Block

The East Block was not open to the public, and contained 8 flats for T-Games members and 2 Studios.

Private T-Games Mansion

The Private T-Games Mansion was a collection of flats unaccessable to the public. There were 4 large rooms (intended for the 4 Co-Heads at the time), and 4 small rooms (for the other T-Games members).


Studios and sets were created for a planned 'T-Games Show', however progress was never made beyond that.

The Tunnels

The Tunnels were a complex system of 1x2 corridors linking to all staff areas of the T-Games Enterprise including check-outs, the BedRock DJ boothe, redstone complexes for lights and firework displays and the back-stage area of the Theatre. This system was strictly closed to the public, and also contained staff rooms and other private lobbies. It also connected to the secret underground T-Games Office block, which was located in the plot directly opposite the T-Games Enterprise.

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