T-Games Conference
2014 Q3 July 8th
The T-Games Conference 2014 Q3 promotional banner
Genre Gaming
Organised by T-Games
Filing Status Non-profit
The T-Games Conference planned to be a quarterly online presentation hosted by T-Games whereby announcements, teasers and demos for upcoming content would be presented. Only one T-Games Conference was ever broadcast, and did so on the 8th of July 2014 at 14:00 UTC.


On the 8th of July 2014 at 14:00 UTC what was planned to be the first of many T-Games Conferences was broadcast on UStream with the title 'T-Games Conference 2014 Q3'.

The conference was hosted by Billy Anderson and Logan B. and was broadcast from Anderson's house, with Logan attending via a video call on PlayStation Network.

The conference was thought to be poorly organised and look unprofessional due to lack of rehearsal and understanding between hosts.



The T-Games Conference is widely considered to be a failure by T-Games, hence the immediate cancellation. This is largely due to the number of errors that occurred within the first conference.

  • The conference was delayed by several minutes.
  • Logan believed he was not visible on the stream when in reality there were two different cameras.
  • The hosts continuously interrupted eachother.
  • Halston Stephenson was planned to be a part of the stream and announce content on behalf of Trixel Creative but announced he could not attend shortly before the event.
  • Logan joked about termination of partnership between T-Games and Trixel Creative.
  • Anderson became visibly stressed throughout the stream.
  • The content did not display automatically and required Anderson to move towards the camera and program his laptop to display the content manually.
  • Logan criticised the partnership between T-Games and Trixel Creative.
  • Anderson became annoyed at Logan and told him to shush before stating "we are professional, we swear"
  • Logan stated he did not understand how monetisation worked via YouTube during the announcement.
  • Content for Evergreen Park Chapter II did not display properly.
  • Anderson and Logan had little knowledge as to what Evergreen Park Chapter II contained and were ad-libbing over the announcement.
  • Logan was watching the stream whilst announcing Evergreen Park: Chapter II and was therefore not visible when the stream came back to the hosts. He then criticised Anderson and stated "Give me some warning like 'and now back to us'".
  • Anderson became so annoyed during the stream that he announced an impromptu break, of which Logan was obviously not aware, stating "what break?" to which Anderson replied "the break that is now" before cutting off the stream. The break lasted 3 minutes and 35 seconds.
  • The beginning of the trailer for Evergreen Park: Chapter III was briefly shown, minimised, during the break. The audio was also briefly played.
  • Logan mocked Anderson's accent.
  • Anderson got 'LittleBigPlanet: The Lost Story' and 'Evergreen Park' mixed up.
  • Anderson couldn't pronounce some of the settings in 'LittleBigPlanet: The Lost Story'.
  • Anderson was unable to show the Evergreen Park: Chapter II screenshots later in the stream.
  • Logan's family were audible on his stream.
  • The teaser for 'Evergreen Park: Chapter III' did not play when intended and had to be shown in-window of Windows Media Player.
  • Logan was again not visible after the trailer for 'Evergreen Park: Chapter III'
  • Logan's stream became audible through the video call.


After the first stream it was decided by Anderson that the T-Games Conference should not continue. Trixel Creative founder Halston S. saw the potential in the conference however, and approached Anderson with a concept for a joint conference between the two teams. On the 18th of October 2015 the first of many Tri-Expo events was held.

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