T-Games Legacy
This page covers T-Games Legacy content and may feature outdated or archived content that is otherwise unrelated to Trixel Creative.
The T-Games AngelCraft Plaza was a district of the AngelCraft server (operated by Liam MacBean) that was created by T-Games studio T-Bit for T-Games. It is believed to have been created in 2012, though the exact dates are unknown.

The Plaza was originally more square in shape, originally consisting of the T-Games Store, T-Games Hotel and T-Games Hub. It was later expanded to make room for the T-Games Market and T-Games Court.


T-Games Store

The T-Games Store was the first feature of the T-Games AngelCraft Plaza, and featured several creations which users could 'purchase', which consisted of T-Games members re-creating the creations at the customer's property. The second floor of the T-Games Store consisted of the T-Games Café, where players could purchase food items. Meal deals were also available to purchase, however this data was not archived.

T-Games Hotel

The T-Games Hotel was the second feature of the T-Games AngelCraft Plaza, though its exact height dimensions are unknown. It was the tallest structure until the creation of the T-Games Tower. It featured Coal, Iron, Gold and Diamond rooms, each with a higher standard and price respectively.

T-Games Theatre

The T-Games Theatre was originally created outside of the T-Games AngelCraft Plaza, as Billy Anderson asked permission to transform an empty building near spawn into a theatre. The theatre was later moved via mods, and replaced the T-Games Court after it was demolished.

T-Games Tower

The T-Games Tower was located just outside of the main square of the T-Games AngelCraft Plaza, and was the tallest structure on the server. It featured an observation deck at the top.

T-Games Airship

The T-Games Airship floated above the T-Games AngelCraft Plaza, and was the highest structure on the server. Players could access the airship via a warp command.

T-Games Market

The T-Games Market allowed users to purchase a market stall and sell their goods. It also featured Villagers that players could trade with.

T-Games Community Farm

The T-Games Community Farm consisted of Wheat, Melon, Pumpkin and Sugar Cane farms that players were allowed to harvest and re-plant. It occupied the space where the T-Games Hub occupied before it was demolished.

T-Games Underground Bunker

The T-Games Underground Bunker was a private underground system for T-Games Members that consisted of offices for each member, as well as a large storage facility. It was located directly underneath the T-Games AngelCraft Plaza.

Demolished Creations

T-Games Court

The T-Games Court was a place for players to be put on trial before being banned or acquitted. It was later demolished and the T-Games Theatre was moved to the space it occupied.

  • T-Games Hub

The T-Games Hub was located next to the T-Games Hotel, and was intended for small events and server information. It was later demolished and the T-Games Community Farm was created on the space it occupied.


During 2012 the AngelCraft server was heavily griefed by a troll whilst unmoderated, with the T-Games AngelCraft Plaza being heavily affected. The screenshots taken as documentation of this event by Billy Anderson have been archived by the T-Games Legacy Archives and remain some of the last surviving documents of the T-Games AngelCraft Plaza.

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