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T-Games Adventures is a series of level series in the video game franchise LittleBigPlanet, set in the T-Games Fictional Universe.



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Tremors is the first and only installment in the T-Games Adventures series. It was published on the 24th of September 2013 after several delays, with a total development time of over 1 year. It was intended to be the first series of many, however the other installments never fully came into fruition.

The level series consists of 7 levels in total: 2 cut-scenes and 5 gameplay levels.

Cancelled Instalments


Corruption was intended to be the sequel to Tremors, taking place a year after the events. The level series was officially announced on the 'In Development' section of the T-Games website, but was later removed for unknown reasons.

The second major update to the Tremors level series (after Overthrow) was titled Corruption - an intentional reference on the creator's part.

Scarily Sentient

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Scarily Sentient was to be the second installment to the T-Games Adventures series that took place during and after the events of Tremors. Episode 1 was released, but the rest of the series has remained in development limbo since 2013.


Termination was intended to be a top-down shoot 'em up created by lionfish-swarm29 that took place during the events of Corruption. After many delays and a lack of effort by the creator, the level series was eventually canned.


  • Many gameplay areas of Tremors and Scarily Sentient use the sets from other T-Games levels to give the impression that they all take place on the TBS Nightstar



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