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Formation 2013
Structures - Stores 1, 2, & 3[1] - The T-Games Plaza [2] - Jungle Village [3] - The Enterprise (Creative) - The T-Games Library

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T-Bit is a formerly-unnamed Minecraft construction studio for T-Games in Minecraft that has built several structures on multiple servers.

As a subsidiary of T-Games, T-Bit does not currently have a website, but rather a section on T-Games' Website.

During conception of the name T-Bit, CEO Billy Anderson and Dillon M. were creating the T-Library on the creative server.


  1. And the subsequent rebuilds.
  2. Containing within it a hotel, restraunt, store, tower, square, market, villager trading, a theatre and a free-to-use farm.
  3. Containing within it many houses with people living in them, a market and shop.