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From left to right: Sunbeem, Wireless Remote, blank Microcartridge, Musicalbeem
Release Date Sunbeem v1.0
September 9, 2015
Latest Update Sunbeem v1.3
November 15, 2015
Developers Zolton's Moon,Logan B.
Catalog Available
Level (LBP2)

The Sunbeem is a multimedia console created by Zolton's Moon in LittleBigPlanet 2. It is not an official T-Games Legacy product, however GemWay lead developer, Logan B., contributed to developing the console's 'Microcartridge'.


xxIshadow5, the creator of the console, couldn't think of a name, so he looked through his stickers, hoping to find inspiration. Ultimately, the console's name was influenced by the Sun sticker.


Wireless Remote

The wireless remote allows users to control certain features of the Sunbeem from anywhere in the level.


Microcartridges are capable of storing up to 100 Apps. These can vary based on the type that the content is designed as.

3D Peripheral

This was supposed to be a LBP3 exlusive Peripheral that added 5 extra layers. It was cancelled because it felt unnecesary due to it being a LBP2 console.


A new peripheral for the Sunbeem that replaces Ray with the Move menu, Rayve. It also adds compatibility with upcoming Move Games.


Release Date Musicalbeem v1.0
September 9, 2015
Latest Update Musicalbeem v1.1
November 15, 2015
Developer Zolton's Moon
The Musicalbeem is a stripped down model that only plays music applications.

Update Log

Version Name Details Archived?
Su 1.0 "The Happening"
  • Original Console
Mu 1.0 "The Listening"
  • Original Console
Su 1.1 "The Bug Update"
  • Removed Movie Camera near Console
  • Made "Please Insert Cartridge" appear when trying to start via Ray
  • Removed Sour Logo
  • Attempted to fix bug where Ray music plays after the Cartridge starts when using Ray.
Su 1.2 "The Dynamic Update"
  • Added Move Peripheral Support
  • Renamed chips to simple names
    (I Chip, M Chip, R Chip, H Chip, RM Chip.)
Su 1.2.1 "The Dynamic Fix"
  • Modified M,R & RM Chips to start the cartridge via Rayve
  • Delayed Intro/Outro music to prevent clashing with Ray/Rayve Music.
Su 1.3 "The Volumatic Update"
  • Added update names to the Changelog
  • Fixed cartridge slot color
  • Moved Credits/Changelog Chip slightly upwards
  • Added Global Volume setting
  • Fixed the Power Indicator below the screen not being wired up (Fluid Skin Fix)
Current Version
Mu 1.1 "The Volumatic Update"
  • Fixed Cartridge Slot color
  • Added Credits/Changelog chip
  • Added Global Volume setting
  • Renamed the Chips to simple names (refer to Su 1.2)
  • Removed unesecary wiring
Current Version

Plasma Core

Zolton's Moon has announced the development of a sequel to the Sunbeem, called the Plasma Core. It plans to feature digital software as it's main focus, with physical accessories and a saving system. The console has been released in a rushed Delta state, and no plans have been made to finish or revive the project.

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