T-Games Legacy
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Spectrum Design
Multicolour 1
Rolled Out July 8, 2016
Designer Billy Anderson
Dillon M.
Preceded by Solar Design

The Spectrum Design was the third main (and final) design theme for the T-Games logos to be adopted by T-Games, created by Billy Anderson and inspired by Dillon M's Solar Design.

The design theme was announced on July 8, 2016 and rolled out instantly[1], replacing the Solar Design that had been used by the team since August 21, 2013.

The design continues to be used by T-Games Legacy.


Like the Solar Design before it, the Spectrum Design featured alternative logos for different T-Games creations, such as the T-Games Wiki, T-Pod, T-Games Archives and T-GI. However, unlike Solar Design, Spectrum focused on using imagery within the logo instead of letters.


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