T-Games Legacy
This page covers T-Games Legacy content and may feature outdated or archived content that is otherwise unrelated to Trixel Creative.
T-Games Logo comparison

Graph demonstrating the switch from the original logo (top) to the new, simpler logo (bottom).

The Solar Design was the second design theme of the T-Games logos to be adopted by T-Games (after Lunar Design), created by Dillon M. during his tenure at T-Games. Phase I of the design theme rolled out on the 21st of August, 2013.


On August 8 2013, T-Games announced via a twitter post that it was in the process of designing a new logo[1] as founder Billy Anderson wanted a refresh for the team.

T-Games member at the time Dillon M. used Microsoft PowerPoint to design the basic T shape and the outlined circle before submitting it to Anderson. He also designed alternate palettes to be used in different areas of T-Games, such as the T-Games Wiki, T-Pod Podcast, T-Games Sapphire and T-Tokens.

Anderson liked the logos and decided to adopt them immediately and announced the new logos on August 9 2013[2] without consulting Dillon M, though he later approved of its use.

After Dillon M. left T-Games in November 2013, the T-Games Archives were created and newer logos for the team were forged copies of the original. After T-Games and Dillon reconciled, Dillon sent in corrected versions of the logos and gave the source files to Anderson, therefore allowing newer logos to be authentic.


The designs were based off the simplistic corporate movement that much of the tech companies had been moving towards. The subtitle (using the light weighted Segoe UI typeface, unknowingly proprietary itself) was based off the original logo's "-Games" portion commonly seen on the T-Games Wiki at the time.

2015 refresh (Phase II)Edit

On October 26 2015 the Solar theme was slightly refreshed to 'Phase II', with a slightly modified main T-Games logo. The new logo featured a white background, a thicker border and a slight colour change to the border to be consistent with the T.

The Phase II update did not affect the alternate palettes within the original Solar design, and was never introduced to LittleBigPlanet creations.