T-Games Legacy
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SRKT Games
Product Family Transfield Game Consoles
Catalog Available
Media GoldToken Cartridge
Architecture Proceralto
Predecessor Medius
The T-Games Skyton was a planned video game console by SRKT Games, licensed as a T-Games Official Product in the Transfield lineup. In its original line, the T-Games Skyton was to be the successor to the discontinued Medius. The Skyton trademark was announced by Future Team to be released, but even after the release date passed, it has never come to light.

Nothing concrete of the console was never released, instead then-SRKT Games did announce several new features to the console that were envisioned to overpass the NeXT. Initially, it was scheduled for release in Autumn 2013, but it never went into development. The November fallout escalated its cancellation, and afterwards it was subject to ridicule by the T-Games community. Many of the announced features have been embedded into other T-Games consoles, which effectively proved that it was, for its time, influential to T-Games. SRKT had plans to launch the online repository 'SkyShop'. This was previously envisioned for version 1.5 of the Quadratum, however the support lifecycle for that console was dropped a year after its release and it too never went into action.

Alongside the failure of development for the manufacturer, other studios have stated they wouldn't develop a Medius successor but rather focus on their own products. According to Dillon M., the Skyton name is now being used for other purposes by its developer in a different realm altogether, unaffiliated with LittleBigPlanet or T-Games.

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