Sir Bubblesworth
Sir Bubblesworth as he appears in LittleBigPlanet 2
First appearance Evergreen Park (2013)
Created by Chunky104
Voiced by Billy Anderson
Sir Bubblesworth, also known as Bubblespirit, is a fictional charcter in the Evergreen Park series. Sir Bubblesworth appears in the original Evergreen Park level series as the main antagonist, whose aim is to defeat all of SackKind in revenge for collecting bubbles, his relatives, as a means of score and prizes by means of an army of Minons. He plays a large role in Evergreen Park: Revenge of the Bubbles as the Minons attempt to resurrect him.

The origin of Sir Bubblesworth is unknown, however he is thought to be a mutant of a prize bubble.

Sir Bubblesworth also makes an appearance in Evergreen Raceway on the final lap of the course as he chases players. The only instalment of Evergreen Park that Sir Bubblesworth does not make an appearance in is Evergreen Park: Go For Green!, a minisode that takes place after the events of the original level series whereby a surviving minon wears his hat and gains Sir Bubblesworth's powers.

The character was created by Chunky104 and is voiced by Billy Anderson.

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