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robbit10 (also known as oO__ArianA__Oo, Rose Tinted Dreams and rose_aleria) is a LittleBigPlanet creator, known for such creations as the JukeBox XI and Creator's Toolkit.

Involvement and collaboration with T-Games

robbit10 was involved with the development of GameExpo Classic, creating the jingles for the console and partnering the console with the JukeBox XI. robbit10 later went on to create a skin for the GameExpo Classic, though this went unreleased. It is, however, on display in the T-Games Scrapyard.

robbit10 later went on to create the Memory Card logic for GameExpo II, which was subsequently re-purposed for the Quadratum, NeXT and NeXT Ubique consoles.

In 2012, robbit10 collaborated with GameEx to create the original Quadratum and Quadratum Musica consoles.

After the Quadratum project in 2012, robbit10 begun development on another untitled (and unreleased) console, which went on to inspire the NeXT Ubique.

robbit10 would later help initial development with the MusicPlayer in 2014, creating the original volume slider (which was subsequently removed in update v1.2).