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Return to Carnivalia
Return-to-carnivalia-logo orig.png
Developer(s) Halston Stephenson (Powerspell3)
Mark Hall (HallM3)
Writer(s) Halston Dean Stephenson
Composer(s) Breezy-The-Pro
Platform LittleBigPlanet 3
Release Date September 22, 2018
Latest Update v1.6
September 24, 2018
Team Picked September 24, 2018
Genre(s) Platform-Adventure

Return to Carnivalia is a level series in LittleBigPlanet 3 developed by Trixel Creative. It released September 22, 2018. The creative directors were Halston Stephenson and RikoruDaniel.

The level was Team Picked on September 24, 2018, and remains the only Team Pick to be added to the playlist on a Monday instead of Friday.

Development History

Development on the level pack begun in early 2015. The earliest public mention of the level pack is a tweet from @Trixel_Creative dated July 13, 2015 on Twitter, stating:

#ReturnToCarnivalia - JOIN THE CREATION PROCESS! -"[1]

The first announcement for the level pack was two days later on July 17, 2015 with a tweet by @Trixel_Creative stating:

#ReturnToCarnivalia and meet 4 familiar Curators! 4 new story levels, 3 new mini-games, and more... Paaarrrtttyyy"[2].

The level was given a full video announcement trailer on October 18, 2015 at Tri-Expo 2015.

The level series underwent four different revisions, internally referred to as 'Version 1', 'Version 2' 'Version 3' and 'Version 4' respectively, with Version 4 being the release product.

Version 1 (2015-2016)

Version 1 was the first version of the adventure, and begun development in early 2015. The only remaining level from this period present in the final product is 'Swingbop Jive'.

This version of the level series was featured in the original Tri-Expo 2015 trailer.

Halston Dean Stephenson stated that developers were experimental with level design, and that it helped the team to get "some footing" with the series[3]. This version of the series was never completed.

Version 2 (2016)

Version 2 was a brief revision of Version 1, taking place between the Tri-Expo 2015 reveal trailer and the Tri-Expo 2016 story trailer.

A five month partial development hiatus on this revision demoralised developers, leading to a form of development limbo for the series.

Version 3 (2016-2017)

Version 3 was the revision featured in the Tri-Expo 2016 story trailer, and featured such content as Junkyard Dog.

Development on this revision lasted until early 2017, and was considered the "rough draft" for the series[4], right before final polishing and art passes began on levels.

Version 4 (2017-2018)

Version 4 was the final revision of the series. It entered into the final stretch of its development in early 2017, and lasted until mid-2018.

This version of the project involved the final polishing passes on levels and content, including the tasks to string together the adventure onto one accessible adventure map, as well as sort and place collectibles into levels, patch bugs and level issues, and generally "iron out the creases" to ensure the final product was smoothly presented.


Main Levels

Title Level Type Developer(s)
An Ominous Return Cutscene Lego1109
Welcome to Carnivalia Gameplay RikoruDaniel
Swingbop Jive Gameplay Powerspell3

RikoruDaniel (art pass)

Wonderful Wander in Odd Gameplay Hallm3
Bits N' Springs Gameplay RikoruDaniel

Powerspell3 (art pass)

Renefoetsie (motifs)

Mansion on Spooky Hill Gameplay Hallm3
Cannon Escapade Gameplay RikoruDaniel
The Junkyard Giant Gameplay RikoruDaniel
The Cannon Home Cutscene TheD1vineS0ldier
Return to Craftworld Cutscene TheD1vineS0ldier

Additional Levels

Title Level Type Developer(s) Notes
Whole in the Wall Survival Challenge Erysiol

Powerspell3 (art pass)

  • Takes place in La Marionetta
Victoria's Oven Dash Survival Challenge Renefoetsie
  • Takes place in Spooky Mansion

Additional help was provided by community members and outside sources (see full in-game credits for list).


  • The level series was a double-page feature in the March 2018 edition of GamesMaster magazine (#327).
  • This level series was featured via the LittleBigPlanet social media accounts' 10 year anniversary celebrations.
  • This level series was showcased on the official PlayStation Blog for the series' 10 year anniversary announcement.
  • This level series was endorsed by the original LittleBigPlanet PS Vita / 'Carnivalia' development company, 'Tarsier Studios'.