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Key Art - Vertical v2 small.jpg
Genre(s) Puzzle platformer
Developer(s) Trixel Creative
Publisher(s) Trixel Creative
Lead designer(s) Halston Stephenson
DeRose Brutus
Raphaël Buquet
Billy Anderson
Composer(s) Thomas Voets
Engine Unity
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Status In Development

Restitched is an upcoming 2.5D puzzle-platformer developed and published by Trixel Creative for Microsoft Windows. The game will focus on user-generated content as a core element of gameplay.

The game is planned to launch on Steam and utilise the Steam Workshop for distribution of community content.

The game's lead character is a teddy bear called Stuffy, who serves as a mascot for Trixel Creative.


Restitched was announced in June 2020 via a blog post on the Trixel Creative website[1].

The key art for the game was revealed on June 6, 2021 after a scavenger hunt on the Trixel Creative website.

On September 27, 2021 the official Steam Store page for Restitched went live, allowing users to wishlist and follow the game while also providing a batch of new screenshots and information[2].

On July 3, 2022 a Reveal Trailer for the game was announced to premiere on YouTube on July 9, 2022[3],


From the Trixel Creative website:

Restitched follows the story of a brave, adventurous teddy bear named Stuffy on a journey to find their roots. Along the way, Stuffy must 'restitch' a community unraveled by corporate greed and tyranny while discovering new friends, new foes, and new locations.[4]

Other Media

Restitched: Stamp Preview

Main article: Restitched: Stamp Preview

Restitched: Stamp Preview is a monthly feature that spotlights a 'Stamp' asset from the game. Features are published on trixel+ and then a month later via the Trixel Creative Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Restitched: Developer Diary

Main article: Restitched: Developer Diary

Restitched: Developer Diary aims to be a monthly publication via the trixel+ platform that fully documents specialised areas of development towards Restitched from concept to final design.

Restitched: Recapped!

Main article: Restitched: Recapped!

Restitched: Recapped! is a monthly publication that documents the development made towards the game in the previous month. Features are published first on trixel+ before being published on the Trixel Creative website a week later.

The Grandiose Tales of Cpt. Stuffy

Main article: The Grandiose Tales of Cpt. Stuffy

In September 2021, Trixel Creative announced a comic series for Restitched titled The Grandiose Tales of Cpt. Stuffy. A page of the comic is released each month via trixel+.