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Quadratum v1.5 with cartridge in LittleBigPlanet 2.
Initial Release Date Quadratum 1.0
March 1st, 2012
Last Update Version 1.5
August 21st, 2012
Mainstream Support Discontinuation August 21st, 2012
Extended Support Discontinuation March 1st, 2013
Developer GameEx
Lead: Billy Anderson

The Quadratum was a media console collaboration between Billy Anderson and robbit10. It was released on March 1st, 2012, and discontinued on March 1st, 2013.

The Quadratum garnered recognition for being the first branded 'Media' console in LittleBigPlanet. It used a Cartridge-based Selector system similar to the JukeBox XI (created by robbit10), but provided multiple options for content, including: Games, Photos, Music, Cutscenes, and 'Other Media'. The JukeBox XI was released prior to the Quadratum and could play Music and Software, however robbit10 did not consider 'Software' a type of media.

For a list of some of the games released for it, see List of Quadratum games.


Before the release of Quadratum, Anderson's primary console to work on was the GameExpo II, whilst robbit10 had released the JukeBox XI. During early development on the GameExpo Classic a deal was made between the two collaborators ensuring that the GameExpo Classic would not broaden into music and JukeBox XI would not expand into other types of media, thus keeping both devices relevant. However, both creators decided that the deal limited the expansion of their separate lines, and instead decided to collaborate on a media console that would incorporate both gaming and music, as well as expending into other types of media.

Development on the Quadratum begun on the 12th of February 2012. Anderson uploaded a picture of himself and robbit10 playing a ported version of PONG from the GameExpo II on this date.

Concepts of combining GameExpo and JukeBox XI had been created by Anderson before. One concept of which, the GameBox, is on display in the level T-Games Scrapyard.

On February 24th 2012 Anderson announced the console via a comment on his TardisBill profile stating "NEW CONSOLE TO BE RELEASED!!! The GameExpo II and the JukeBox XI & AMAZINGNESS Have combined into making an awesome, superior new portable MEDIA console! This new console will be named on the 27TH OF FEBRUARY and will be released on the 1ST OF MARCH! To see pictures and up to date information, check out the pictures at the side of my profile!!!!!". On February 27th 2012 Anderson announced the name in a comment stating: "NEW CONSOLE TO BE RELEASED!!! The GameExpo II and JukeBox XI have combined into a new, advanced, cartridge based portable MEDIA console! This new console is called the Quadratum, and will be released on the 1ST OF MARCH! To see pictures and up-to-date info, check out my profile!"

Quadratum was not initially a T-Games console. After the initial launch of the Quadratum, robbit10 showed little interest in developing the line further, leading Anderson to create the updates himself. Anderson was determined to give T-Games the rights to Quadratum, as other T-Games members such as lionfish-swarm29 and Crusher1007 began to work on updates whilst robbit10 increasingly showed less interest, however robbit10 declined. This caused tensions to arise between the two creators, and eventually lead Anderson to suddenly cease development on the line and start a new IP - this ended up being The NeXT Generation.

Eventually, after discussions between Anderson and robbit10, it was settled that the console is regarded as being a collaboration between GameEx and robbit10, and therefore is officially regarded as a licensed T-Games console.

The final update for Quadratum took place on August 21 2012, and with it GameEx announced that mainstream support for the Quadratum had ended and that there would be no more updates to the line.

On March 1 2013, the Quadratum's extended support was discontinued by GameEx and T-Games. As a result, the Quadratum hub level was locked and made a sub-level in order to prevent any players accessing it. Eventually, on March 29 2013 (at 10:44 GMT), the level was deleted. Even though the level remained online for 4 weeks after discontinuation, level data was not archived and information regarding plays, updates, comments and reviews was lost.


During early development of the Quadratum, the initial name was suggested to be Quadratum Oculos, which translates to "Square Eyes" in Latin. The name Square Eyes is a disorder in which one has exceeded a regular time for viewing a television screen normally. The principal idea was that consumers would be "glued" to the Quadratum's display for its general nonconformity and reception.

Update Log

Version Number Official Release Date Development Name Change Log Archived
v1.0 1st March 2012 Quadratum
  • Original release console
v1.1 Unknown Unknown
  • If a cartridge is removed, the sound and image from the cartridge is now also removed
v1.2 March 13, 2012 Unknown
  • Fixed Next/Previous not working on certain skins (Fluid + Aqua)
v1.3 Unknown Unknown
  • Fixed welcoming tune not playing on all skins (v1.1 bug)
v1.3.1 Unknown Unknown
  • Fixed shut-down tune not working if the console was shut down within 5 seconds of it being turned on (1.3 bug)
v1.3.2 Unknown Unknown
  • Added 'Shuffle File' option, to randomly select a file
v1.4 Unknown The Music Update
  • Changed how files work, but made the old ones compatible, too
  • Added 'Play Styles' (You can now choose whether music files skip, shuffle or repeat automatically after a custom song)
  • Changed intro/outro tune
  • Changed cartridge boot up sound & added display for the intro/outro tune
  • Fixed the seperate 'Shuffle' option so that it doesnt constantly make the 'Next' sound whilst shuffling
v1.5 21st August 2012 Unknown (Originally 'The Internet Update')
  • Changed design
  • Changed Intro/Outro tune
  • Changed Intro/Outro screen
  • Changed Intro/Outro message
  • The rest of the update log is unknown

At this point, T-Games was not archiving its consoles, therefore T-Games does not have many Quadratum versions stored. Since the Quadratum is now officially discontinued, it's unlikely that the lost versions will ever be restored

Quadrataum v1.5, the NeXT and discontinuation

GameEx planned to add many new features in version 1.5 of Quadratum, including a modem updating feature, online storage, and an app store. Earliest records of initial development on v1.5 are dated as the 6th of May, with the latest being the 25th of May.

The update was originally teased by Anderson on May 8th 2012 via a comment on his TardisBill profile stating "Something big for the Quadratum is currently under development... Look in my pictures for more information...". On May 19th 2012 Anderson made another comment revealing the features of the upcoming update, stating: "1.5 is not out yet, but here's what's in teh (sic) new console: New design, New intro/outro song, screensaver, bug fixes, Quadratum Network (needs modem): Update your Quadratum in less than 5 seconds without going to the hub! App Store! Store files in the 'cloud'! Move support! PONG [2P] has been upgraded, and new versions of Breakout & Block Drop from the GameExpo are coming to Quadratum! v1.5 coming soon!". However, tensions arose between robbit10 and Anderson regarding Quadratum credit, ultimately resulting in Anderson calling off any further development on v1.5 by GameEx.

After this, the robbit10 and Anderson focused on individual projects singularly. This step would lead to the creation of the The NeXT Generation by GameEx.

As announcements for Quadratum v1.5's headline features had already been made, there was much attention by players, and also confusion after the announcement of The NeXT Generation series of consoles. Because of this, the incomplete features for v1.5 were removed, and the update was made live on the 21st of August 2012. There was heavy criticism and confusion by the community as the major (and already announced) features for the update were not present, without any acknowledgement by T-Games.

T-Games later announced that mainstream support for the Quadratum ended on the same day as the v1.5 release, and that there would be no future updates as GameEx focused on The NeXT Generation. Extended support for the Quadratum ended on the 1st of March 2013, when the Quadratum Hub level was made private. Later, GameEx removed the level from the LittleBigPlanet servers without any archival attempts. As a result, the exact dates of Quadratum updates are unknown.

The Quadratum was later featured in the T-Games Scrapyard level in LittleBigPlanet 2, although the models featured were display units and had their logic removed. As the set of this level was featured in episode 4 of Tremors, the Quadratum can be seen residing in the same place.


The Quadratum given to beta testers in the T-Games Console Gallery.

A special Quadratum theme was given to beta testers and later appeared in the T-Games Console Gallery.

An amalgamation of Quadratum and GameExpo, titled QuadExpo, was released by SP_Sour during version 1.4's release time. It wasn't an official edition, but for T-Games, it received high consumer acclaim.

Quadratum Musica

Quadratum Musica
Q - Musica.jpg
Quadratum Musica in LittleBigPlanet 2.
Initial Release Date Quadratum Musica 1.0
Last Update Unknown

Because the Quadratum could also be used for playing music files, an edition of the Quadratum titled the Quadratum Musica was released that could play only music files. This was created to save space. The Quadratum Musica was released with the Quadratum 1.4 update. (The NeXT Audio used this concept, and the engine would be almost equivalent.)