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The NeXT Ubique
NeXT Ubique.jpg
The NeXT Ubique v1.1 in LittleBigPlanet 2.
Developer GameEx
Initial Release Date NeXT Ubique v1.0
November 9, 2012
Latest Update Version 1.2
The Supermassive Update
March 22, 2014
Level (LBP2) The T-Games NeXT Generation - LBP's Most Advanced Media Players
Creator: TardisBill

The NeXT Ubique was the third console to join the NeXT line, and did so on the 9th of November 2011, the same time as the NeXT S.

The Ubique, like the NeXT, reads NeXT Folders. However, the NeXT Ubique also has proprietary Folders that are modified to only be compatible with the unlimited screen size of the NeXT Ubique.

The Ubique operates on a modified version of the NeXT Audio's Engine (QM-NXM) labelled QM-NXU. The modifications to the QM-NXM Engine allows the for Game support, Memory Card support, Accessory Support and Trophy Support as well as sustaining the lightweight design.

The Ubique's main feature was that is had no screen, allowing for detailed, fully-fledged games to be played across the whole of the LittleBigPlanet canvas.


The NeXT Ubique was first teased on September 12, 2012 as Billy Anderson uploaded an image via his TardisBill PSN account with the comment: "OOOoooh, what's that next to the T-Games NeXT and T-Games NeXT MP3 in that new picture I uploaded?". On September 18, 2012 Anderson made another comment, stating: "I can confirm that the object next to the NeXT and NeXT MP3  in a recent image is infact (sic) a new console in early development. Please note it is early development and the console may not actually be released." On October 12, 2012 Anderson revealed the name in a comment on his TardisBill profile stating: "[News update] there is still no official release date for my latest console that it (sic) under development called teh NeXT Ubique"-"Please note the NeXT Ubique is VERY different from the NeXT, and is not a 'NeXT 2'."

Update Log

Version Number Development Name Change Log
v1.0.1 Cartridge Slot
  • Added 'Cartridge Slot Disabler'
v1.1 Modern
  • Added 'Dashboard'
  • Added Ubique Accessories (located on the dashboard)
  • Added Ubique Memory Cards (located on the dashboard)
  • 'Other Options' Added (located on the dashboard)
  • Next, Previous, Shuffle, Reset Application, Trophy Actication and Volume added to 'Other Options [Next & Previous still accessible dia Direct-Control]
  • Tidied up Ubique Cartridge
  • Added 'Console Updates'
  • Added 'Credits'
  • Tweaked Folder & Console to prefer activating with NeXT Ubique logic rather then ordinary NeXT logic
  • Completely removed Development Destroyer
v1.1r2 Legal
  • Added 'Legal Notice'
v1.2 The Supermassive Update
  • Changed design to look less complicated
  • Update NeXT Logos
  • Added Hologram border which emits when a non-Ubique Folder is activated