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NeXT Audio
NeXT MP3.jpg
The NeXT Audio v1.1 in LittleBigPlanet 2.
Initial Release Date NeXT MP3 v1.0
August 21, 2012
Latest Update Version 1.3
The Supermassive Update
March 22, 2014
Level (LBP2) The T-Games NeXT Generation - LBP's Most Advanced Media Players
Creator: TardisBill

The NeXT Audio was the second original console in the NeXT Generation line.

The NeXT Audio reads the same Folders as the NeXT, however its purpose is to read only the Music Files.


The NeXT Audio runs on a completely different engine to the NeXT itself that is only designed to play Music Files, and as a result is the most thermometer-friendly NeXT device.

The NeXT Audio runs on a modified version of the QMX Engine, labelled QM-NXM. The QMX was the Engine that powered the Quadratum Musica. It allows for basic cartridge activation and control, and nothing else.

NeXT Audio Update Log

Version Number Official Release Date Development Name Change Log
v1.0.1 Unknown v1.0 Fix
  • Fixed Credits crediting wrong people (were previously the Quadratum Musica credits)
  • Added missing 'Play' tag
v1.0.2 Unknown v1.0.1 Fix
  • Added iconinc Blue circle to the Cartridge Slot
v1.1 9th November 2012 Modern
  • Changed Design to fit with the new NeXT v1.4 Design
v1.2 20th February 2013 The Gadget Update
  • Updated 'Shuffle' icon
  • Re-added subtitles and sounds to 'Play Styles'
  • Added 'Console Updates'
  • Added 'Credits'
  • Removed Development Destroyer
  • Replaced old volume logic with less-thermo-taking logic
v1.2r2 8th April 2013 Legal
  • Added 'Legal Notice'
v1.3 22nd March 2014 The Supermassive Update
  • Re-branded 'NeXT MP3' to 'NeXT Audio'
  • Changed the design to be less cluttered and more user-friendly
  • Updated to new NeXT logos
  • Added Master On/Off switch
  • Replaced previous 'Off' state with 'Standby Mode'
  • Made 'Legal Notice' not visible for Play Mode