The NeXT v1.9 in LittleBigPlanet 2.
Developer GameEx
Initial Release NeXT v1.0
August 21, 2012
Latest Update Version 2.2r2
September 7, 2014
Level (LBP2) The T-Games NeXT Generation - LBP's Most Advanced Media Players
Creator: TardisBill
The NeXT was one of the two original consoles in The NeXT Generation line. It was created by Billy Anderson; however the concept for the console was originally by ZeusinTraining (PSN Name).

The NeXT reads NeXT Folders, which can store up to 100 of any assorted files - Music Files, Picture Files, Game Files, Cut-scene Files or 'Other'.


During development, the console that resulted in NeXT was originally intended to be a GameExpo III. During development however, the name was changed due to the console contrasting greatly to the GameExpo II. It's name was changed to 'GameExpo Next' (for 'Next Generation', which later turned into 'GameExpo NeXT' as a tribute to Steve Jobs. The 'GameExpo' title was eventually dropped as the addition of certain features would mean that the logic structure for the console would not allow it to be backwards-compatible with other GameExpo games whilst being thermometer-efficient.

The Console that was worked up until v2.2r2 by GameEx was the original NeXT that was created by GameEx in 2012. It had never been replaced or deleted, meaning that all of the NeXTs in distribution were taken from the exact same base model.

On the 23rd of December 2018, over 4 years and 3 months since v2.2r2, NeXT was updated to v2.3. This update fixed a serious bug in LittleBigPlanet 3 that made NeXT's Folders move to behind the console, meaning media would not play. The update also fixed various other issues, and introduced 'Automatic On/Off'. This was the first update applied to the console as T-Games merged with Trixel Creative.


The T-Games NeXT operates on a built-from-scratch engine specifically for the NeXT by GameEx titled 'Snowflake'. Snowflake (at the time of creation) was completely unique, as it was the first engine to allow for consoles to have 2 separate run-time systems. This allows for the Play and Preview mode that was in NeXTs from v1.0-2.0. Preview mode was removed in v2.1, as developers did not get along with it.

Later, Snowflake would add more features such as Direct-Control (allowing tasks to be completed by the Player as the console is reading Files) and a Menu (which, unlike any other Menu for a Console in LittleBigPlanet, is hardwired into the Engine processes itself, allowing for easier interaction between the NeXT and the menu).

NeXT Update Log

Version Number Official Release Date Development Name Change Log
v1.0 21st August 2012 The NeXT Generation
  • Original Release Console
v1.1 24th August 2012 Downloadable Update
  • Added 'Quick Update' - Update the console from the console (Level link + Score detector)
v1.1.1 26th August 2012 v1.1 Fix
  • Fixed wrongly credited logic
  • Removed Memory Card that was stuck to the console
v1.2 9th September 2012 Mini Update 1 (The Icon Update)
  • Added ability to check whether an inserted Memory Card has Savedata stored
  • Application Reset now Accessible via Wireless Override
  • Replaced most of the icons used in the console
v1.3 2nd November 2012 Big Update 1
  • 'Snapshot Mode' - Hold down X & R1 for 3 seconds to take a picture of the NeXT at any time
  • T-Chip Added - Organises Engine Processes
  • C-Chip Added - Organises Cartridge Processes
  • L-Chip Added - Organises Cartridge Slot & Controllinator Pannel lights
  • Preview mode re-built - now only accessible via holding down Shoulder + Trigger buttons for 3 seconds
  • Removed 'Quick Update' due to in-game errors
  • 'Download Play' icons changed
  • 'Wipe Memory Card' Option Added
  • Fixed the 'Next File' sound not working correctly under certain circumstances
  • Added run-time error message for when the T-Chip cannot be located
  • Fixed the wrongly-timed intro/outro text
  • Fixed reset app not functioning at all (due to old, incompatible logic)
  • Fixed backlight not functioning correctly
  • Added a player follower to the remote for ease-of-use
  • Swapped around the Shuffle & Reset Game options
  • Fixed certain text inside of the console which read "Quadratum"
v1.4 9th November 2012 Big Update 2 (Modern)
  • Complete design change to the console to create a more streamline, modern look and feel
  • Modified default intro & outro text, tune and image
  • Modified screen size to make it symmetrical (enlarged)
  • Made the walls of the screen dynamic (like the background)
  • Moved the Rim of the screen from the thick layer to the thin to compensate for the new dynamic screen walls
v1.4.1 18th November 2012 v1.4 Fix
  • Added a loading tune when waiting for a cartridge to be inserted
  • Patched a hole in the screens holographic border (due to the new dimensions of the screen)
v1.5 3rd December 2012 Mini Update 2 (Accessories)
  • Added Accessory functionality - allows the user to modify the run-time sequences of the NeXT
  • Fixed wrongly credited logic
v1.6 20th February 2013 Big Update 3 (The Gadget Update)
  • Added 7 Memory Card Compartments (Total of 8)
  • Added logic to console to allow players to cycle through the newly added Memory Card Compartments
  • Removed a total of 24 unnessesary tags from the Console
  • Changed Memory Card icon
  • Added ability to disable the inserted Accessory
  • Added full-screen mode (a movie camera fixes to the NeXT's screen)
  • Added 'Play Style Toggle' to the Remote to allow the user to cycle through the Play Styles from a distance
  • Added Subtitles and Sounds to each play style option (from NeXT Audio)
  • Delayed cartridge activation to prevent screen overlay during boot-up
  • Modified the default boot-up image
  • Removed all echo from the boot-up and shut-down tunes
  • Modified default boot-up and shut-down text
  • Modified 'Trophies' icon
  • Added 'Pause' - Allows the player to pause Games (old destroyers need to be upgraded for this to take effect on older games)
  • Added 'Tips' - Allows the player to access Tips from a Game (if the game supports it)
  • Completely removed Development Destroyer (A Pink Destroyer Tag, the Stable release version is Red)
  • Added 'Console Updates'
  • Added 'Credits'
  • Upgraded volume logic with more efficient technology
  • Shortened auto-shutdown time (if the console is left on without a cartridge for 180 seconds, the system will turn itself off)
  • Re-named 'Applications' to 'Files'
  • Changed all of the File icons to look more like Files
v1.6r2 8th April 2013 Legal Notice
  • Added 'Legal Notice'
v1.6.1 14th May 2013 Mini Update 3 (Direct-Control)
  • Added Controllinator 1 Direct-Control (R1 + L1 = On/off, R1 + L2 = Previous File, R1 + R2 = Next File)
  • Re-Organised On/Off Microchip
  • Added On/Off Toggle Tag Conversion Point for Logic ease-of-use
v1.6.2 10th July 2013 v1.6.1 Fix
  • Fixed 'Previous' Direct-Control Function
  • Moved Preview/Play Mode into the Direct control Menu (R1 + Triangle)
v1.7 21st August 2013 Big Update 4 (The Menu Update)
  • Added Menu to console for easy access to 'Options', 'Run Inserted File' & the new 'Personal Music' and 'Controls' options
  • Added 'Personal Music' section to allow the user to add custom music to the console
  • Added M-Chip to the motherboard to allow Menu Processes to interact with the run-times
  • Added Music-Disabler to allow the custom music to operate whilst a File is playing
  • Added Menu-Disabler
  • Added Accessory Support to Menu (Accessories can disable the Menu)
  • Added new T-Games logo to the console (Logo Bar + Intro/Outro Screen)
  • Removed auto-shutdown, as it was no longer needed with the Menu (this feature may be re-added to work only when the Menu has been disabled)
  • Added 'Planned Features/Updates' to 'Update Log'
  • Renamed 'Console Upates' to 'Update Log'
  • Added 'Controls' to the Menu
v1.8 8th October 2013 Mini Update 4 (Options)
  • Added 'Start-up/Shut-down Styles', which allows for users to choose between pre-installed start-up/shut-down styles, or to create their own
  • Re-named 'Other Options' to 'Console Settings + Other Options'
  • Re-named 'Reset the current Application.' to 'Re-Boot File'
  • Re-Organised 'Console Settings + Other Options'
  • Added 'Tips' to Direct-Control (R1+Square)
  • Added version number to Start-up/Shut-down screen
v1.9 12th November 2013 Mini Update 5 (IceOS)
  • Named NeXT Software (start-up/shut-down text, image, NeXT Menu, etc) 'IceOS'
  • Re-Organised M Chip
  • Combined all 'Join Game' Options (now called 'Search for Joinable Games') into 1 option, which automatically assigns the player into whichever slot is available, instead of leaving the player to manually input the controls themselves
  • Added 'Search for Joinable Games' to IceOS
  • Moved 'Search for Joinable Games' to 'Console Settings + Other Options'
  • Moved 'Music Settings' to the outside of the Console
  • Re-organised 'Console Settings + Other Options'
  • Added 'Self-Destruct [Rigid Connections]', to allow for a lag-free removal of the NeXT from any level.
  • Removed Tips from Direct-Control menu, as it clashed with the in-game popit.
v2.0 25th December 2013 Mini Update 6 (The User Update)
  • Added 'Update Console' to the console
  • Re-Organised T-Chip & C-Chip
  • Re-Coloured Settings in 'Console Settings & Other Options'
  • Fixed Bug: Console Constantly Trying to Join Games
  • Replaced most Subtitles with Captions throughout Console
  • Replaced all Subtitles with Captions throughout Folders
  • Added 'Looping' to 'Next File' and 'Previous File'
  • Corrected 'Ridgid' Typo
  • Added 'User Manual' to Console [Contains: Quick-Start Guide, Options Walkthrough & Error Codes]
  • Re-Organised 'Update Log'
v2.0r2 25th December 2013 DLC Removal
  • Removed unintentional 'LittleBigPlanet: Move Pack' DLC content added in v2.0
v2.1 22nd March 2014 Big Update 5 (The Supermassive Update)
  • Added support for NeXT's 'Wireless HDD'
  • Added 'Wireless Features' Menu to IceOS
  • Re-positioned Game Camera
  • Removed 'Preview Mode'
  • Added 'Turn off Console' to IceOS
  • Added 'Eject Folder' to IceOS
  • Added new section of IceOS to store the new aforementioned features
  • Added new 'NeXT' Logos
  • Added on-screen indicator for 'Pause'
  • Re-rooted the Direct-Control shortcut that used to belong to 'Preview Mode' to 'Pause'
  • Changed colour of 'Start Up/Shut Down Options' to dark blue
  • Added 'Immediately connect to Wireless HDD after Start Up' to 'Console Settings'
  • Fixed Memory Card slot icon from being askew
  • When 'Pause' is activated, 'Next File', 'Previous File' and 'Shuffle' become idle
  • Added constant sound for when 'Pause' has been activated
  • Added fade-in and fade-out for constant Direct-Control sound
  • Added Direct-Control on-screen activation icon
  • Added Direct-Control to the User Manual
  • Re-named 'Console Settings + Other Options' to 'Settings'
  • Moved 'Music Settings' to 'Settings'
  • Changted 'Pre-Installed Music' microchip to a light green
  • Added version number to the front of the console (where Music Settings used to be)
  • Moved 'User Manual' to the bottom of the console
  • Changed 'Update Console' to 'Console Hub'
  • Moved 'Console Hub' to the left, to be symmetrical to 'User Manual'
  • Added 'Screen Brightness' to IceOS
  • Added 'Screen Brightness' to 'Console Settings'
  • Added 'Eject Folder' switch to bottom of console
  • Moved Folder Slot Disabler to be parallel with 'Eject Folder'
  • Fixed 'Quadratum' typo from Folder Slot Disabler
  • Changed appearance of mandatory emitting microchip
  • Edited 'What are these?/what do I do?' help microchip inside of the File Palette
v2.2 7th September 2014 Mini Update 6 (Tranquil)
  • Moved 'Pause when controllinator 1 empty' to 'Console Settings' (from 'Player Settings')
  • Made 'Pause' only work when a Folder is actively playing its contents
  • Added IceOS Menu music
  • Modified intro/outro tunes
  • Moved 'Enable Direct-Control Shortcuts' to 'Console Settings' (from 'Player Settings')
  • Removed 'Player Settings'
  • Re-named 'Legal Notice' to 'Notice on Modifications'
  • Re-wote the contents of 'Notice on Modifications'
  • Re-named 'Pre-Installed Music' to 'Built-In Music Library'
  • Changed intro/outro message
  • Re-named Start-up/Shut-down style 'v1.4+' to 'v1.4'
  • Added 'v2.2' Start-up/Shut-down style
v2.2r2 7th September 2014 Screen Fix
  • Fixed 'More Options' screen emitting in the front layer of the screen instead of the back
v2.3 23rd December 2018 Big Update 6 (NeXT Gen)
  • Moved Folder slot logic to thin layer in front of console
  • Updated T-Games Legacy logos to Spectrum
  • Altered credits to mention Trixel Creative
  • Fixed 'Mini Update' numbering in the Updates
  • Swapped 'Shuffle' and 'Re-Boot File'
  • Re-named 'Shuffle' to 'Shuffle Files'
  • Dephysicalised front-most and back-most layers
  • Updated 'Notice on Modifications'
  • Updated most notes on console to have a different font, blue background and white text
  • Reconstructed inside of Controllinators
    • Players can now exit them by using Circle by default, though this can be changed individually within each Controllinator
    • Certain seats cannot be entered during a Joinable Game session to prevent confusion
  • Altered 'Joining 2 Player Game' text to 'Joining as Player #...'
  • Added 'Automatic On/Off' for when Controllinator 1 is occupied
  • Re-coloured 'Settings' and 'NeXT User Manual'
  • Edited titles of some Settings
  • Shortened time to connect to a Wireless HDD once one has been found
  • Added tag to allow Wireless HDD to glow when connected
  • Updated intro & outro themes
  • Made 'Please Inert Cartridge' sequencer not loop
v2.3.1 23rd December 2018 v2.3 Fix Part I
  • Fixed console not functioning at all unless Controllinator 1 is occupied
  • Re-arranged notes in 'On/Off'
v2.4 Unknown Unknown
  • Unknown
v2.5 June 2019 Unknown
  • Unknown


The NeXT Shadow v1.9 in LittleBigPlanet 2.
Initial Release Date NeXT Shadow v1.4.1
November 9, 2012
Latest Update Version 2.0
March 22, 2014
Level (LBP2) The T-Games NeXT Generation - LBP's Most Advanced Media Players
Creator: TardisBill
The NeXT S (originally NeXT Shadow) was the fourth console to join the NeXT line after a licensing deal with SP_Sour to use the "lightweight NeXT" concept.

The NeXT S is a copylock-free version of the NeXT with removed features for thermometer-efficiency.

The NeXT S reads the same cartridges as the NeXT and runs on a modified version of the NeXT's engine, Snowflake, called SnowflakeM. The modifications consist of the Engine being stripped-down, meaning that many features are not included within the NeXT S.

NeXT S Update Log

Version Number Official Release Date Development Name Change Log Archived
v1.4.1 9th November 2012 NeXT Shadow
  • Original NeXT S Console
v1.5 3rd December 2012 Accessories
  • Added Accessory functionality - allows the user to modify the run-time sequences of the NeXT
  • Removed Start-up and Shut-down image
v1.6 20th February 2013 The Gadget Update
  • Removed Welcome & Goodbye Message
  • Removed Trophies
  • Added Update Log
v1.7 21st August 2013 Solar
  • Added new Solar T-Games Logo
v1.8 8th October 2013 v1.8
  • Re-named console v1.8 to keep up-to-date with T-Games NeXT
v1.9 12th November 2013 IceOS
  • Changed theme of Console
  • Enabled support for an IceOS Install Disk
  • Added 'Activate Full-Screen Mode;
  • Added 'Disable Folder Music'
  • Added 'Custom Music'
  • Added 'Disable Inserted Accessory'
  • Added Controllinator access tags
  • Added Self-Destruct to 'Other Options'
v2.0 22nd March 2014 The Supermassive Update
  • Re-named console NeXT S
  • Added new NeXT S Logo
Current Version

NeXT Basic

NeXT Basic
Release Date v1.0
March 22, 2014
Codename Angel Cake

NeXT Basic launched on the 22nd of March 2014, and was announced by GameEx on the 26th of December, 2013.[1] The NeXT Basic is a simplified NeXT with removed features, that shares an intentional likeliness with the GameExpo II.

The NeXT Basic reads NeXT Folders, however it also has its own dedicated Music and Game Folders for simplicity - which are also compatible with the NeXT.


  1. New NeXT console to arrive 2014.
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