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Medius - create

Other Names Multimedia Nucleus
Product Family Transfield Game Consoles
Catalog Available
Initial Release Date February 9, 2013
Last Update Version 1.2
March 24, 2013
Successor Skyton
Discontinued by T-Games November 16, 2013
Level The T-Games 'Medius' - Hub
Creator: ddrevolution909
Published by: TGamesOfficial

The Medius was an entertainment device and multimedia console created by Dillon M. as a product owned by T-Games as part of their official products lineup, and was the first T-Games console to not be developed mainly by CEO Billy Anderson. It was originally going to be succeeded by the Skyton, but plans were scrapped as T-Games discontinued the Transfield line.

Two games were officially released for the Medius; Demonstrational Pong, which had shown the main features and capabilities of Medius, and Better Pong, by GemWay, which would be deemed the successor.

Update Log

Version Number Official Release Date Development Name Change Log Archived
v1.0 9th February 2013 Medius
  • Original Release Console
v1.1 11th February 2013 N/A
  • New Border Capabilities
  • 2 new Content Disks added
v1.2 24th March 2013 The Platform Update
  • Added more functions and developer tools.
  • Redesigned the cartridges and updated some icons.
Current Version


The Etymology of the word 'Medius' was originally coined as an amalgamation of Multimedia Nucleus, meaning the center of all media. However, in Latin, Medius alternatively means 'Middle' or 'Intermediate'. This meaning is on par with development considering the Medius' amount of system logic is not as large as the T-Chip in the NeXT.


The Medius was initially designed as a small-form factor music player that could become T-Game's unique music device. In fact, the first prototype had no screen, and was described as "a[n American] football made out of metal." However, once interest grew for features gaming consoles in LittleBigPlanet 2 never had, work began on expanding the system into a complete gaming device.

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