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This article is about the list of Associates. For a list of video game creators, see List of Console Developers.

The List of Associates is a list of people who are not directly involved with T-Games but have some mentions in the works of T-Games. This list, however, does not include the members of T-GI, as they keep their identities confidential.

This list is additionally in alphabetical order to make easier for users to find a username.



Relation Ignis product line, inspired by T-Games' works.
Levels (LBP2) Ignis Hub
Ignis II Hub
BEHEMOTH451, informally referred to as "Behemoth", is a creator on LittleBigPlanet. His console line, the Ignis, is inspired by T-Games' works. In similar manner to how T-Games' NeXT and GameExpo consoles were, one of his works were pirated by Kowan011, although unlike the T-Games' case, this matter was much less serious.


Relation Independent video game development for T-Games' platforms.
Levels (LBP2) Galaga :: Game Expo 2
CBCT04 is an independent video game developer who is closely attached to T-Games (If he was not independent, he would have been considered a second-party). During the beta releases of the GameExpo III, CBCT04 was one of the few developers to receive a beta code. His first and only commercial game, Galaga, is a space shooter for the GameExpo II, and the first ever of that genre to be released for the GameExpo line, let alone a T-Games system. He was previously a T-VIP member with a gold subscription, but it had expired on April 19, 2013.


Relation Multiple acts of piracy, content production, Flare console inspired by T-Games works
Levels (LBP2) Information redacted from web
Kowan011 is a LittleBigPlanet creator who takes much inspiration from T-Games. In the past he has repeatedly pirated T-Games consoles, giving them his own names and appearances. After a large anti-piracy campaign by T-Games, he settled down to copying text, and then being entirely original, until the Flare console when he repeatedly used the Fun Machine's Sentience (Evil) icon/personality and pirated Change Detectors. Outside console piracy, he has made 3 games for T-Games consoles and one NeXT accessory.


Relation Submitted concepts
Levels (LBP2) LBP Console Gallery T-Games ALPHA T-Games GameExpo Nano
xx1Epic_Gam3r1xx is a conceptual designer and T-Games fan who has created console ideas, some of which are:
  • T-Games Aquarius
  • T-Games Saturn
  • T-Games GameExpo Nano

xxlshadow5 (Zolton)

Relation Independent video game developer for T-Games' platforms.
Levels (LBP2) Zolton's Moon Hub.. Scrapcity of Unused Games and Accessories.
Zolton is a T-Games fan and independent game\accessory developer who has made several games for T-Games' systems and has a console of his own inspired by their works.
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