Launch Week
Cover Art 2018
Compilation Album by U-Music
Released 10 March 2013
Genre Electronic
Artist U-Music
Contributers The Darkness Within
U-Music Bandcamp Link:
Launch Week was the first album to be released through U-Music, and as done so on March 10, 2013. The album is a collaboration of U-Music's artists at the time in order to celebrate the launch of the U-Music system.

Launch Week was also released on the U-Music Bandcamp website, and was the first album to be released through the online platform. The track 'Hydrocity Zone, Act 2 (From Sonic the Hedgehog 3)' is not available via the online service however, due to copyright restrictions.

Track Listing

Track Title Artist Length
Mind the Rewind (Doubled Revolutions' Remix) cadet-euphoium 3:34
Momentum Flashback Doubled Revolutions 3:45
Partials Forever Doubled Revolutions 4:43
The Final Stand DragonHeart12321 2:38
Hydrocity Zone, Act 2 (From Sonic the Hedgehog 3) DragonHeart12321 N/A
The Walk of the Platinum-Plated Angels DeagonHeart12321 2:02
Aerith's Theme (From Final Fantasy 7) DragonHeart12321 2:14
10 Years (Doubled Revolutions and Crizmatic's 'Decade' Remix) Painted Rain 3:19
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