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Larry Da Vinci's 'SkyWheel'
Larry Da Vinci s Skywheel Logo.png
Larry Da Vinci's 'SkyWheel' 2017 logo
Platforms LittleBigPlanet 2
Creators Billy Anderson
Published July 27, 2011
Latest Update August 21, 2013
lbp.me https://lbp.me/v/35xr79

Larry Da Vinci's 'SkyWheel' is a survival minigame within LittleBigPlanet 2, published July 27, 2011 and created by Billy Anderson for T-Games.


Gameplay consists of a spinning wheel with fire obstacles that the player must attempt to remain atop of whilst collecting points every second. If the player progresses too far on either side of the wheel then they are killed, thus ending the game.

The wheel gradually increases in speed and introduces perks over time, including a green orb that, when collected, earns the player 50 points. There is also a blue orb that temporarily slows down the wheel.

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